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How This Woman Lost 81 Pounds in Six Months

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81 pound weight loss

Today I was in one Facebook group where I noticed these pictures of a young woman, who achieved an amazing 81 pounds of weight loss just within six months. She didn’t do any quick fixes, but only changed few eating habits.


How did she do it? Here is Bridget Yeaton from New Hampshire telling her story of her weight loss.

Hello everyone. Back at the end of March 2015 I decided to change my eating habits and get my health back. I started with cutting out processed foods and refined sugars.

In the beginning I felt so sick from withdrawals. I wanted to give up, but came here (to Natural Healing + Foods Facebook group) and everyone reassured me it would pass and I would feel better in no time.

Bridget Yeaton's Weight Loss

I am so glad for all the people in the group because look at me now.

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I am down 81 pounds and counting. I did this all on my own without any quick fixes, exercise programs and etc. I am so very thankful for the group and what it has taught me.

If I were to give someone some tips on how to lose weight I would say to cut out all processed foods. That means anything with artificial ingredients/flavorings/ coloring. Next, cut out all refined sugars, there is absolutely no nutritional value in refined sugar! Also exercise, any way you can. For me it was walking 5 miles a day.

Editor’s Note

I am sure Bridget’s example will encourage and inspire many other people in their quest of achieving a sustainable weight loss. From her example we see how important it is to just stay on course with a dedicate will and how important it is to have a good support group of people who lead a healthy lifestyle and who can tell you, Yes, you can do it.

Congratulations Bridget Yeaton on your great weight loss achievement.

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