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How Water Fasting Feels On The 15th Day and Weight Loss

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Water Fasting

I follow a water fasting discussion board on Facebook and many times people share what they feel on a specific day of water fasting and how much weight they have lost by that day.


Today I would like to quote Deborah's status in Water Fasting Support Group on Facebook, describing what she feltl on the 15th day of her fasting journey to a 20 day water fast. Do not do this unless you have a qualified person coaching in fasting.

Exhaustion and 19 Pounds of Weight Loss

"Day 15 and really enjoying myself and happy," writes Deborah in the group. "My tongue tends to feel huge and more textrous than usual, and I get exhausted more easily doing chores and exercise that normally wouldn't even raised my heart rate much, like a nice long walk with hubby. Other than that, just going along.

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"Weight loss is nice, 19 pounds or so, but sense that my asthma is not changing, which is a disappointment. I need to be eating by September 28, so will start refeed 3-4 days earlier. So likely looking at a 20 day fast."

Feeling Your Tongue

Several other people who are also in the 15th day of their water fasting, also write that they are very much aware of their tongues. So, textrous tongue is one of the other characteristics of a long term water fasting.

Have you done a long term fasting? Where were you feeling after the 3-day fasting?