How To Water Fast if You Have a Child and Need To Cook

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Green Juice and tea substitute for water fasting

Recently I was water fasting for several days and one of the most difficult part was when the family members were cooking dinner in the evenings and the smell was increasing the craving for food. However, it is far more difficult when you yourself have to cook for a child. What to do?


"It's so hard to fast and minding a child at the same time at home. I don't want to think about food but I have to cook something for my daughter. Sometime I felt like I needed to rest, but I can't. You know, having kid around you can't really rest.
Any advice please? I need to fast as my body is full of toxins," asked a friend recently in one of the Facebook groups.

There were several suggestions made by respondents. Two of them stood out: Green juices and hot sweet tea as substitute for water fasting and as source of little extra energy.

Green Juice Can Substitute Water Fasting


You can do a green juice fast and get the same results as a water fast. Green juice will give you energy. You can add a little fruit while using the juicer to make it taste better. The result may not be 100 percent the same as water fasting, but it can be identical, while keeping little energy for yourself.

Hot and Sweet Tea

When I was water fasting, some days I substituted water with hot ans slightly sweet tea. Sweet tea has a nice aroma and the sweetness gives a little extra energy, which is needed to work and accomplish responsibilities around the house. Again, the result may not be 100 percent the same as strict water fasting, but it should be fairly identical to water fasting.

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