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How To Turn Thai Chicken Meatballs with Zoodles to Low Carb

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Low Carb Thai Chicken Meatballs with Zoodles

A friend of mine who is on a low car high fat Keto Diet shared a recipe of how she turned the Thai chicken meatballs with Zoodles into a low carb recipe.


Nikole Kolman who is in one of my Facebook low carb high-fat recipe groups lost 2kgs (4.4lbs) in 2 weeks and is celebrating it with Thai Chicken Meatballs with Zoodles!

Here is the recipe and the changes she made to turn it low carb.

She used tamari soy sauce instead of regular, or you can use coconut aminos). She added and stirred through sesame oil at the end instead of mixing it in the meatball mix and heating it. Then she used 10 drops stevia glycerite in place of the honey. These things contribute in turning a regular recipe to a low carb recipe.

She also left out the soy sauce in the glaze and used half the amount of the other glaze ingredients, but that was because she says she read the recipe wrong!

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According to Kolman, it still tasted good.

For the zoodles, she followed the recipe and tossed in the pan, but then put a lid over it and cooked them for about 5 minutes or so because she wanted to get most of the water out. Zoodles can get watery easily which is why she usually likes them nearly raw.

"I also got barely 12 meatballs although the recipe says roughly 18," she writes. If you want more meatballs you need more meat mix. Then she divided into 4 servings instead of 6. Carbs worked out to around 7g per serving. You can do more if you make all the glaze instead of only half like I did.

On a side note, you probably need a zoodle maker too. By doing few tweaks like this you can potentially turn any recipe into the low carb version of it, just like Kolman turned her Thai Chicken Meatballs with Zoodels into a low carb version of it. For example, here is an easy way to make a low carb Taco Shells in an easy way.

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