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How To Store You Tomatoes Not To Kill The Flavor of Your Sandwich

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Making a fresher sandwich takes four simple steps and one of them depends on how you store you tomatoes. Here is a simple and step by step guide on how to make a fresh sandwich.


For an average good sandwich you need four major ingredients. Those are the sliced bread, tomato, lettuces and meat. As a chef in your house you need to ensure that the taste of your sandwich is greater than the sum of its parts. In order to achieve this goal, meaning ensuring your sandwich is tastier than its ingredients, you need make sure that not only your sandwich parts are fresh, but that also they are properly stored.

1. Sliced Bread

Some people go buy fresh bread and keep them in the fridge for a long time. I have heard that bread can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months. It's always better to buy your bread more frequently or even better, cook your brad at home. You and your children will love the smell and no store-bought bread can beat the taste and freshness of home cooked bread. But if you keep your bread in the freezer for a long time, before you make your sandwich steer clear of the fridge. That will dry the bread out and make it go stale faster.

2. Tomato

I have seen in many homes moms keeping tomatoes in the refrigerator. Why would you do this? It kills the smell and flavor. Have you ever seen tomatoes kept in the refrigerated area in grocery stores or food supermarkets? They never do that. For a better taste and a fresher sandwich store your tomatoes at room temperature. The reasoning here is very simple. Cold temperature can kill not only the flavor of the tomato, but also the taste of your sandwich.

Tomatoes have many health benefits. In this 2011 study researchers found that tomatoes may fight cholesterol, vascular disease and fat.

3. Lettuce

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The taste and freshness of your lettuce again depends on how you store them. I have read and advice that we should wrap greens in a moistened paper towel and store your lettuce in its original bag. In fact, lettuce is one of the 10 foods that may easy anxiety and depression and it's very good ingredient for a perfect sandwich. By the way, here is a hilarious way to cut tomatoes fast and easy without letting the juice out.

4. Meat

Make sure your sandwich meat is as fresh as possible. It seems to me that if you buy them sliced it will kill the freshness. You will gradually lose some freshness of it. Perhaps it's better to buy by a pound and slice them at home when needed. The meat, obviously you will need to store in a refrigerator. Buy small quantities so you don't keep it in the freezer for months.

And finally cheese. As you can see we didn't mention cheese in one of the 4 steps in this step by step sandwich making guide because we assumed that everyone knows about cheese and how to store them.

Here are few yummy sandwich images we saw people tweeting that we want to share with eMaxHealth readers. If you have favorite fresh sandwich recipes, please share them in the comments section. We may even use them in one of our upcoming stories.

Here is a good sandwich picture tweeted by West Virginia AHA, suggesting to make the sandwich open-faced. Apparently it cuts the salt.

Here is a Sicilian type sandwich tweet.