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How To Stick To Your Running Routine When Out of Shape

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Sticking to running routine

How can one stick to his running routine that starts at the beginning of the year?


Here are several ideas from regular runners about sticking to their running routine. They wrote me their ideas on Facebook.

"I register for a marathon w/o hesitating. That way the guilt of paying so much money for a race bullies me into training for it all year long," writes one runner named Martinez.

Failure and Success in Running

Another runner says "set yourself up for failure and aim for success." There is another way to look at it too: "make a plan of plan on failing," her writes. "Or, have a yearly goal, say 1000 miles, have an 'A' race once a year and train for 5 months, and have a monthly goal or weekly goals - all at the same time . That way if you fail at the weekly goal, youll have the monthly goal to make it up. And , if you fail at the A race, you still have a while 7 months to reach your yearly goal. But, without honesty or initiative you are not going to stick to anything."

Monthly and Daily Running Goals

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A runner named Joanne says this.

" I set a goal for the year and then break it into monthly, weekly, daily goals that will slightly exceed the goal for the next timeframe. 2017 miles for 2017, 170 miles per month, 40 miles per week, 6-7 miles per day. Every goal has a secondary stretch goal to go with it. If I exceed goal for enough days, I earn a mulligan or day off. I try to schedule races or other walk/run events throughout the year to break up the monotony and give me something to work towards. I love distance walking, and I throw some running in to change things up on occasion. I have support from friends and family, which is a big help. (Although I do believe my husbands questions my sanity when I take off to go walk for a few hours.)"

Accountability in Running

Melissa writes that in her experience accountability to friends helps.

"I suggest joining a local running club. It's normally free, you meet lots of great folks, you normally feel inspired to show up every week. As for daily accountability, I set easy goals. I would even set a minimum number of days per week. For me, I set a minimum mileage for myself, it's always small, then I find that just about all the time I exceed my goals - which makes me feel great. Find a time that works best for your schedule, and pencil yourself in on your calendar. Don't cancel on yourself unless there is gaping wounds involved," she says.

Yet another runner, named Paoa suggests signing up for a big race / long distance. "Then have the training. I invested in a coach. It MAKES want to run because of the $$ invested. If that doesn't work, just keep signing up for small races, at least have one per two weeks. And always run in the morning. Just dress up, don't think about it and go for a run," she writes.

If you are a daily runner, how do you stick to your routine?