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How To Stay Full On A Vegan Diet: Suggestions from Vegan Followers

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Vegan Soup

I am on day 4 of full-blown veganism, and I have got to ask. How do you stay full? What vitamins should I substitute for supplements so my body isn't lacking? So many questions with such a big change (for me, a previous meat lover who's decided it's time to give animals love and respect the right way), asks a young lady named Allison in Vegans United Facebook group. Here are some wonderful suggestions from the group members who have been living on a vegan diet for a while.


Join vegan food groups on Facebook for endless food ideas. "Eat carbs. Potatoes,oatmeal, rice plus vegetables and fruits," suggest several group members. These are general suggestions, but here are also some specifics.

Mangoes and Blueberries

"Make sure you get some B12 because everyone, including non-vegans, is lacking in B12 because that used to be on produce before we started sterilizing it so much," writes Vanessa. "To stay full, I eat sweet potatoes or quinoa. I don't eat nuts, but that certainly is filling. Same with avocados. Lots of fiber and veggies. Mangoes and blueberries will give you all the amino acids and Omega threes you need. Make sure to get greens and sprouted foods, which are so full of nutrients," she adds.

If there are some healthy veggies that you don't like, try sauteing them and adding some melted follow your heart or some other vegan cheese on top! Mix in a little nutritional yeast and you've got a very mac and cheese type effect.

A group member Amy suggests: "There is a misconception that a vegan diet is nutritionally incomplete when that is absolutely not the case. It just depends on what and how you eat. Eat a variety of foods and get in enough calories and u will get what you need. B12 is something you will probably want to supplement but that's not a vegan thing. It's a human thing. Apps like cronometer were really helpful to me in the beginning, until I got comfortable with the change it helped me make sure I was eating enough calories and had a well rounded diet. It's a free app, highly recommend."

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Greg Stockdale from the group writes. "A vegan diet is higher on nutritions but lower on energy (fats in this case). And fats are the saturating part of a diet. So make sure you implement enough good fats into your food intake (e.g. linseed-oil, coconut-oil, hemp-oil, nuts, avocado etc.) Be careful with the recommendations here to eat lots of carbs, as that has a massive effect on your insulin level (which will fluctuate a lot if youeat many carbs, and you do not want that - you might want to do a bit of research on that). As mentioned you would need to substitute B12 and watch your omega-3 level (but the latter is covered with the oils)."

Here is another story from One Good Planet specific to the question of how to stay full on a vegan diet. The site also has lots of recipes; click on "food monster recipes" top of page. A lot of them are simple too; as in they don't require 50 ingredients and 20 steps to make.

Heather M. Brooke writes: "I've recently found hemp seed adds a lot to almost any meal. I do a big smoothie in the am, bananas dates spinach or kale etc. protein powder PB cashew milk (hemp seeds) currently eating a caesar salad mushroom/pepper (again hemp seeds) as a snack.. but yeah, it just gives me a little extra protein/calories I've found. the main take away is EAT A LOT! I find i get bored halfway through a meal, before i get full. So find the foods you LIKE to eat and just have more of them. Quinoa, rice, potatoes etc. all great fillers!"

Heather Lei makes the following suggestion. "Ground flax seeds, which are high in omega-3. Most people in America do not have the proper balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fats. The majority of people have WAY to much 6 in their diet and not enough omega-3 (this goes for vegans and people on the standard american diet). I add 4 tablespoons of ground flax seeds to my smoothies or oatmeal every morning to make sure that I am getting enough omega-3. Walnuts are also high in omega-3 and I try to snack on them once a day."

eMaxHealth's Take

You need to eat more food. You don't need to take lots of vitamins and supplements. Eat denser foods. We often get hungry because our bodies are not used to not having all that fat. It is fat cravings more than hunger itself. Eat enough calories, get some fat in there (preferably from beans, nuts, and other healthy sources but oils work too if you need them), and be very liberal with your carbs. Did you notice I wrote cravings? Cravings have to do with our mind. Think of other good things when to distract your mind and attention from food. Get a good book and read it. The day will pass and gradually you will get used to.