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How Is Stage 4 Colon Cancer Beat: Success Stories

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Yesterday, in a Colon Cancer Support group, members shared success stories on how to beat the Stage 4 colon cancer. Some stories from survivors and caregivers were so moving that I would like to share here for EmaxHealth readers.


While incidents of colon cancer have increased in adults ages 20 to 39, we need to remember that miracles happen and there are numerous success stories about beating stage four colon cancer.

You just need to believe and continue fighting with faith and the best medical resources available at your disposal.

"Treatment of stage II colon cancer is controversial, as the majority of patients will be cured with surgery,” Jason Castellanos, MD, MS, resident in general surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told HemOnc Today. “However, 20% of patients recur, so theoretically chemotherapy would be helpful. The treatment of stage III colon cancer is a major success story as OS is significantly improved with chemotherapy after surgery."

Here are some of the thoughtful responses from the Colon Cancer Support Group members about beating Stage 4 colon cancer.

"Miracles are happening everyday, if we read and listen to the appropriate patient's life healing experiences," writes a member named Saloni. She also shares this resource from Cancer.org, which presents different success stories about how patients beat stage 4 colon cancer.

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Successful Stories of Beating Colon Cancer

Whether it's because of cancer or not, we are dying every day, writes another user named Franz. "Cancer gives us the chance to make amends, to be kinder, to consider one's life choices in a perspective that only having a life threatening disease provides before it is to late, what a gift, what a blessing. You beat cancer by not allowing it to beat you. Every day is a gift, an opportunity to be a better person. Go live. What are we waiting for? You beat stage 4 colon cancer by using it to lift you and those around you. You lose your battle when you let it kill you before you are even dead. We are all dying, caregivers and survivors, just some are actually living while others are the walking dead. Cancer gives us that choice on a unique perspective, now go be a winner and inspire someone, go live," writes Franz.

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"I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and currently am in remission, writes a user named Kathie. "Even though I was stage four my cancer hasn't spread to any organs. My tumor was removed and I did twelve harsh rounds of chemo."

Beating Colon Cancer With Prayer and Medicine

"I am beating stage 4 colon cancer every day. I was diagnosed on August 2015 and after surgery have no evidence of the disease. But I am currently doing chemo to prevent a reccurance. Stage 4 can be beat, I credit it to prayer, and medicine," writes another person named Kathy.

Another member of the group, named Linda, writes that at stage 4 colon cancer her original tumor plus 5 cancerous nodes were removed 4 weeks ago. "One nasty little cancerous node was so entwangled with veins and an artery that it is waiting to be zapped with chemo. I had 18 inches of colon removed and a resection. The CT scan found two suspicious areas in my right lung. The PET scan, two weeks later, showed that they did not light up, nor did anything else except the tangled mass. My oncologist is very positive about beating this into remission and me being able to go on and live my active life once again. I am continuing to improve my diet, planning my future projects, visits with my children and grandchildren, planning trips and motorcycle jaunts with my husband and cannot wait until I am strong enough to get out on the lake with my kayak. We pray every night and I pray during the day. Like Cathy above, I credit prayer, medicine, positive attitude and people who care. I will keep your husband, and you, in my prayers." In fact see how fish and Omega 3 may improve survival from Colon Cancer.

Cancer stages have a lot of stereotypes associated with them. In the past, stage 4 was "end of the line". "I am currently stage 4 but in 6 weeks I should be 'cured.' I say it that way because nothing is a guarantee," writes another member of group, named Danielle.

As with any cancer, it's all in when it caught, how far and fast did it spread, how many organs affected, can it be removed.

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Some people in the group suggested to join the colon cancer support groups or forums and read through the stories. These post are all real people and not commercialized at all. Lots of struggle that we gain hope through. It's a difficult walk, but there is blessing in it. Just not the way most of us chose to find blessing in life, they say.

How Should Caregivers Beat Colon Cancer

Franz, who responded above, had another word of wisdom. "Most people will never understand it. Be sure you have someone to talk to privately for your own piece of mind. This is sometimes tougher on caregivers than the survivors. Have a relationship with God. We have God, we have today and we have one another to love and to care for. Sick or not. Much love and respect to you and yours in whatever this journey brings."