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How to Reverse Diabetes Without Surgery

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Eggs for reversing diabetes

A few days ago an article from the New York Times was shared on social media suggesting two ways to reverse diabetes: bariatric surgery and an extremely low calorie diet of 600 calories for a week or more. My first thoughts were, why are these scientists testing out such extreme options to cure diabetes. Were starvation and surgery really the best solutions they could find? Aren’t they aware of how important a role diet plays in human health?


Type 2 Diabetes is a disease where blood sugar regulation gets fluctuates.. When a healthy person eats excessive amounts of carbohydrates, their blood sugar rises up to a level that is abnormally healthy.

To compensate for this the pancreas needs to pump out lots of insulin to transport glucose (sugar) from your bloodstream to the cells of your body, which causes a disease known as insulin resistance. Your cells literally become resistant to the effects insulin has on them, so it takes even MORE insulin to transport sugar to your cells. Even worse, when you do this over and over again, you start to wear out your eyes, kidneys, liver, heart, nervous system, and other organs. And if you keep following this path, you eventually become a Type 2 Diabetic.

A Type 1 Diabetic is someone who doesn't produce enough insulin, so their bodies are unable to transport sugar into their cells, more often than not, they are born with this condition.

Here’s a simple animation to demonstrate how diabetes works.

The popular approach to fix Type 2 Diabetes is to give the patient's insulin. They are told to manage blood sugar swings with table sugar, orange juice, and other unhealthy foods, leading to a reduced quality of life, a dependency on pharmaceuticals, mood swings, and other problems.

So my question still is why would these scientists take such an extreme approach, when we already know that excessive amounts of carbs can hurt people? Why aren’t people told about this? And why aren't they told how low carb diets can help them?

I really don’t know. Confirmation bias? Yes, but it’s more than that. I mean, we are dealing with people’s lives here. Doctors want to make sure they are doing what’s best for patient, and it feels safer to follow along with what the majority of other doctors believe than to strike out on their own.

If we are going to make meaningful changes, we must step outside of how things are normally done and test new approaches! Studies like this show that when we try new approaches, like a low carb diet for diabetes management, positive changes can happen...

Metabolic Correction as a tool to improve diabetes type 2 management

There are thousands of people who have reported results online from around the world with their own self-experiments, myself included. I share some of my own personal story in a post I wrote about my father’s struggles with health, called My Father Who Ate "Healthy" was a Diabetic.

Here is a little bit of it to give you some perspective.

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“I was overweight and often experienced hypoglycemia. I also had poor cholesterol markers. I realized that my eating habits and lifestyle were leading me to the risk of becoming a diabetic just like my father. Then after I met my now husband, Dr. Dan, I begin to eat a flavorful diet that was High Fat, Moderate Protein, and Low Carb.

After 16 months of eating low carb high fat, I lost the extra weight I’d been trying to lose for what seemed like my whole life! My blood glucose levels normalized so I don’t struggle with hypoglycemia anymore, AND my cholesterol markers improved drastically on my blood tests! Many physicians would think this is impossible, but there are so many of us proving them dead wrong.

I am now on my seventh year of living a healthy low carb high fat ketogenic lifestyle! Yes, my body has been using FAT for energy for the last seven years! I am healthy, full of energy and look younger than my actual age! My family and friends adapted this eating lifestyle and got healthier too, some of them have even come off their diabetes medication!”

And, here’s a story from a friend of mine who had diabetes and tried a low carb high fat diet to fix it…

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes since 2012, with A1C levels at 22.8. That really freaked me out! I was on Galvusmet (Vidagliptin/Metformin) 50/850mg, twice a day...But my fasting glucose was high at 122-144 mg/dl!

I started eating low carb high fat in June 2014 and everything began to change...By October 2014, after 4 months eating LCHF, my glucose reading went down to 99-117 mg/dl and my A1C was 6! YAY! AND I’M OFF MEDICATION! And I get to eat all my favorite food too!”

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This came from my Low Carb Support Group Love Low Carb Hight Fat Ketogenic. Stories like these melt my heart. I love seeing people get healthier.

But my questions still is why try out all these extreme approaches without first addressing the root cause of the problem? Taking those extreme approaches and thinking you need to limit fat locks you into a self-made prison that you don’t even need to be in! Why eat 600 calories a day for a week when you can enjoy amazing low carb high fat meals?

I mean, for breakfast today, I had:

  • 4 Slices of BACON
  • 4 Pastured Eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of Butter
  • Black Pepper, Cumin & Cayenne
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Coffee w/ 2 tablespoons of Grass Fed Cream

Would you really want to miss out on a meal like that because of some outdated thoughts about eating?

I know I wouldn’t.

For more healthy recipes and tips on how to eat a ketogenic diet, check out my blog, Cooking Inspired Love.



Great article, Kelly!
Great story, Kelly! You rock LCHF :D Why did they put a picture of bread with it?? Silly people! LOL I want to see a beautiful picture of your wonderful eggs and bacon breakfast :D