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How People Quit Smoking and Methods That Work Well

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The danger of cigarette smoking and how to quit

Sometimes people decide to quit smoking when they fell like they absolutely need to quit it due to their health. How they do it? At the end of the day strong will is the key to quit the passion of smoking, but here are some more details of how people quit smoking cigarettes.


I was recently reading a discussion in one health-related Facebook group where people were sharing their stories of how they quit smoking cigarettes. Respecting their privacy I won't quote their names, but here are few interesting replies of how they did it.

Using Patches

Some say the patch helped them to quit smoking. Those who used the patch to quit smoking recommend the patches. One person said she has just come off them yesterday, but still on the lozenges. She says using a patch is a lot easier than cold turkey. Even non-smokers testified that while they have never smoked, they have heard stories of patches helping people to quit smoking.

Here are some more feedback from other people about other ways of quitting smoking cigarettes. Each paragraph is a quote from a particular person who has used that particular method to quit smoking.


Some people say they quit smoking with Nicorette gum, developed by Duke researchers in 2010 or Chantix. Regarding Chantix, the FDA says Chantix can help You stop smoking without causing psychiatric illnesses. However, know that Chantix is linked to increased risk of Cardiovascular events. This is why some doctors don't prescribe Chantix because of possible side effects.

"I am on Welbutren works for my depression and quit smoking," wrote another person. But be careful, Welbutren is one of the 7 medication types that can secretly cause You to gain weight.

Counseling and Sports

You can counsel yourself or try something like sports, jogging, chilling with people who have a negative attitude torwards smoking. In fact, do you know that teens smoke less with a short daily walk? Besides, in one study MRI showed how exercise stops Nicotine cravings. You can visit a counselor for consultation and guidance or better if you have a good spiritual Father who can help you to a combat your passions and addictions through strong faith in Christ.

Going Cold Turkey

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It took me several times to finally quit cold turkey and it finally worked for me. I quit smoking in 2006. It's a hard battle you can do it.

For me quitting smoking was a cold turkey and determination. If you fail then try, try again. I'm on week 4 now.

I smoked on and of for 20 years a pack or more a day. I just had willpower and determination that I had to stop this awful addiction.

If you want to quit smoking you need to surrender to the idea that you may always need nicotine.

"Do it for your health. I was in the ER because I was struggling to breathe. After reviewing my health the doctor said 'if you don't stop smoking you will die.' After this I thought, this is not the way I wanted to die. It was like drowning. At that moment I had the realization I wanted to live. That was different.I have not had a cigarette in 4 years and enjoying life.

Change one habit with another. Like, every time you want to smoke go make a cup of tea and sip it. Just find some sort of non-smoking break, a thing to do when the smoking urge comes. I know some people who have quit drinking coffee by replacing that habit with tea drinking, which may be healthier than coffee drinking, according to some.

Remember, The hard part is to remain smoke-free. People, who have succeeded to quit smoking write that quitting is easier than maintaining it. Stress and impulsiveness got some of them back to smoking cigarettes again. But those who have had strong will and determination prevailed.

Check out our resource on Quitting Smoking at eMaxHealth.com for further information. Also here are few interesting articles that can help you further in your determination to quit cigarette smoking.

Remember, it's never late to stop smoking, but don't delay. Stopping smoking at any age can add years to your life.

How to Quit Smoking On Your Own Easily With One Single Aid. After you quit smoking your body needs to hear. Here are 2 ways to heal after quitting smoking. And lastly, there is a program that doubles your chances of quitting smoking. Check out this story by Timothy Boyer called "Double Your Chances of Quitting Successfully with This Smoking Cessation Program."

If you have recently quit smoking, please let us know in the comments section how you have succeeded in quitting cigarette smoking. Was it your willpower, medication or desire to live a longer and healthier life that led you to quit smoking? We appreciate your comments and sharing this story with your friends who want to quit smoking.