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How One Person Turned Back Pain To Multi Million Dollar Business With BetterBack

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BetterBack Therapy Strap

BetterBack, a lightweight posture strap that helps to ease back pain and even prevent it in the future, has been featured in Shark Tank, funded by Kickstarter and Indiegogo as well as been a number one best seller on Amazon.


BetterBack's founder and CEO Katherine Krug turned $10k into $1.2M in less than a year by simply helping people get out of pain.

After recently launching Betterback Plus, a posture strap that helps you effortlessly sit in perfect posture, easing back pain, the Krug launched a new back pain easing product called BetterBack Therapy. With the addition of an environmentally friendly hot/cold pack insert, NASA memory foam, custom leg loops and comfort corners, the company says BetterBack Therapy can help relieve back pain and stimulate healing, while helping people sit in perfect posture without any significant effort.

Here is a video where Betterback's Katherine Krug demonstrate how to wear Betterback after you get it in the mail.

BetterBack Plus

Fitting folks with up to a 55” waist, BetterBack Plus is a comfortable and effortless way to help ease back pain and retrain your default posture by allowing you to sit effortlessly in perfect posture. It’s especially perfect for plus-size and pregnant folks.

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BetterBack Therapy

Hot and cold therapies have historically been used as natural methods for relieving various conditions and aches. Heat therapy is known to stimulate the healing of damaged tissues and relieve muscle tension, while cold therapy helps address swelling and pain management.

“Your back is the center of everything. When you’re hurting, it’s like there’s a rain cloud over your life.” says Krug in a release sent to eMaxHealth. "BetterBack Therapy stops slumping stress on your body while you sit and the hot/cold packs promote healing so you can regain focus, motivation, confidence and happiness," she adds.

BetterBack Therapy is offered in both original and plus size, which comfortably fits new mammas and plus-size folks with up to a 55-inch waist. It’s available for $89 or $109 for plus size. BetterBack Therapy, along with the full suite of products, is now available for purchase at Getbetterback.com.

Research shows that massage, exercise and stretching all help to improve lower back pain. In fact there are things you can do even in 60 seconds to get some back pain relief.

Four out of five people have back pain in their lives, but people who are overweight are up to four times as likely to live in pain. Additionally, more than 5 out of 7 women who are pregnant or nursing experience back pain — and many of them don’t have a safe, effective way to get relief.

If you have back pain, please let us know what works best for you. If you have reviewed BetterBack posture straps, please tells us in the comments' section below about your experience.