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How Natural Food Lovers Detox Their Bodies

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Natural Food Detox Drink

Could someone advise me how to detox my body? I am tired of having headaches everyday and feeling fuzzy, foggy, tired and just blah.


This was the question asked by one member on Natural Healing + Foods Facebook group where members "have chosen to live naturally, eat well and help each other along the path."

Here are some replies that I found interesting and am sharing here with you.This is not a medical advice and you should consult with a qualified health provider. These are shared here only for information purpose.

"Try eliminating all sources of gluten. This doesn't mean, however, to go out and buy processed products that say 'gluten free' on them. Eat whole foods, also eliminating sugar. Do this 100% for at least 3 weeks and see how you feel. Drink lots of water too," suggested one members. Here see our Apple Cinnamon Water, Energy Booster or Waste of Time?

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Another member echoed the first responder, writing "no sugar and no processed anything. 3 weeks in and I decided to never go back (I did whole30). lots of water."

"I've done so many detoxes. Over the years, I have found some things that work for me (and some that didn't.) I do detox baths, Epsom salt, baking soda and lavender. I use bentonite clay from time to time. I use essential oils. I avoid toxins and sugar. No fluoride in my toothpaste or aluminum in my deodorant. I make my own at times. (Depends how busy I am,I guess) I use paraben free bath products and shampoos. I take a probiotic with Grapeseed extract and an anti fungal PLUS digestive enzymes, B6 and vitamin C. I use a magnesium supplement that alkalizes and oxygenates my body and cleans my intestinal tract and arteries. It's a cleanse/detox. I use a methylated multivitamin infused with aloe and new black currant. I drink half my body weight in ounces every day. I drink a drink every morning that provides energy and balances blood sugar and blood pressure. It cleanses the liver and kidneys and flushes fat cells. It detoxes. With these things, I have found relief from IC, fibro, DDD pain, TMJ pain, chronic migraines, sugar addiction, brain fog, and fatigue. My skin is clear and my hair and nails grow like crazy. In December, you should do a kidney cleanse. Organic pineapple juice mixed half with tonic water with a pinch of organic cinnamon and organic nutmeg," wrote another group member.

Another member wrote "I use to get headaches and found that my body needed some more nutrients so I started taking Zeal wellness...and it did the trick I haven't had headaches like i use to in a long time," but yet another says Plexus Slim as a better option and thinks it's a personal preference.

How do you detox your body? What works and what doesn't work for you? Please share your experience with eMaxHealth readers in the comments.

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