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How Patients Cope With The Impact of Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis Life

Living with Multiple Sclerosis meanscoping with a number of daily challenges. These stories of people living with MS tell that fatigue, pain, brain fog, constipation, hands feeling swollen like balloons, feet on fire, tingling pins and needles are all daily problems to be dealt with.


I would like to share some of these stories from people who live with Multiple Sclerosis with the hope to inspire other people. Yesterday I asked how people with MS cope with the daily life on Multiple Sclerosis Support Facebook group. Here are some of the stories from them.

"The way I handle my fatigue is to take a nap. I try to rest without falling asleep. However, I have yet to master the art," writes Desta from the group. She says she also forces herself to get up. That depends on when she rests. "If I rest in the early afternoon (1, 2, or 3), I am good for the night. If I rest late afternoon (4-5, or 6) I will have trouble sleeping. I also try to get up at 5AM for devotions and meditations. I also try to get in a half hour of stretching. I am usually ready by 7AM. I try to keep a routine so I can sleep at nights," she adds. See how assistive devices can help people with MS.

Living with MS is like having fatigue, joint pains, heat rash, sometimes pins and needles and spasms, writes Jackie. "A lot depends on weather and how tired I am. Try and get a lot of rest. It's easier now as I am retired and exercise."

"My MS story is filled with fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, migraines and even memory loss," writes Krissy. "I just take every day slowly. I try not to overwhelm myself. And I relax as much as possible."

Cope With MS Symptoms by Making a To-Do List

Another group member, named Linda, writes that she rests every day after lunch time. Her memory is short. She uses a to-do list, which she writes on a binder. This helps her to remember the things she needs to do. Living life with Multiple Sclerosis and with a plan works for her and helps to get her life more organized.

By the way, speaking of to-do list and shopping. Do you buy probiotics? Surprisingly Probiotics may have a positive role for Multiple Sclerosis.

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Martha, another person living with MS, also uses a to-do list. "I cope with my symptoms by resting when I can. Making lists of what I have to do each day. I stretch and try to take walks. I say the serenity prayer a lot and prayer helps me very much," she writes.

Dion writes that she tries to nap every day and if not rest, she walks with a cane for balance. "I stretch and just deal with the pain and spacticity," Dion writes. Her new motto is "every day above ground is a good day."

Pain Is a Big Problem

"Pain is my biggest problem," writes Miranda. "Others are the pins and needle sensation and brain fog. My vision problems cause me not be able to drive. I cope by 'walking it off,' which is basically doing my best to ignore it," she writes. Also see the impact of Acupuncture on Multiple Sclerosis.

Pain is a big problem for Helen too. She writes that most of the time she tries to ignore her pain until it becomes unbearable. "Most pain medications don't really help," she adds.

These are just some of the things people with MS expect and experience. It's a difficult life and a cross to carry. Sometimes you have to put up with people who do not understand your condition. But thank God, you can always find people who know you and feel your pain.

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How do you cope with daily symptoms of MS?

Updated 4/16/2017