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How To Make Low Carb Taco Shells in an Easy Way

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Low carb taco shells

This low carb taco shell recipe is good for those people who follow the keto diet and prefer the high fat low carb eating style.


Making it is very easy if you are tring them for the first time.

Take 1/2 cup 1/2 cup of cheese and spread out on parchment paper. You can spay it with Pam. Then cook for 5-7 minutes. For cooling put shells on wooden spoon that is suspended and you are done. You will be surprised how yummy they are.

You may not need a spray if you are using a parchment paper, but some recipes call for it. Some people probably like doing to in order not to take any risks.

Stick to the parchment paper. I have heard someone people have tried without the spray and couldn't get the low carb taco shells off. You may think cheese is oily enough, but no. It's different.

Alternative Ways to make a low carb taco shell recipe

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Melt cheese and then drape it over a wooden spoon to make the shell.

Pork rind tortillas are awesome if you like soft tacos. By the way, Pinterest is a gold mine for recipes. You can get lots of recipes from there.

Here are other suggestions.

Melt handful of scattered evenly shredded cheddar cheese in a 7 inch skillet and turn when brown finish cooking. Lay over a suspended wooden spoon or taco holder to cool. Put seasonings on on your taco while melting to add a kick to it.

Here is another great recipe for "taco" shells. Cook round Provolone cheese slices on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet at 350 for 8-10 min. Then drape over a 6 oz teacup. Apparently children love it so much and can't eat enough of them.

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