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How To Make a Cheap Dog Bed From an Old Drawer

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Dog Bed

I think this is the cutest idea to make a spacious and comfortable dog bed from an old drawer.


Donna Fanning from Childress, Texas shared this idea on Facebook and allowed eMaxHealth to use the image to share with our readers who have pets.

"I was given some old drawers and thought they would make great pet beds. I wanted to add a headboard so I drew the shape on a piece of wood and cut it out with a jigsaw and attached it to the back of the drawer, then I painted it. I used a regular pillow and pillow case so that bedding could be washed easily. This one is for dog, but could be used for cat also. Thank you again, and I would love to read your blog," wrote Fanning to eMaxHealth.

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As you can see she turned a simple drawer into a great dog bed. She cut a piece of wood and attached it to the back of the drawer.

She says she used Jig saw to cut the wood. Be careful when you do that.

I really love it. This dog bed is cleverly made, cute and totally awesome.