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How To Lose Weight When Nothing Seems To Help

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I have been there myself when I was trying to lose weight and nothing seems to help. A few days ago I read this discussion in a large Weight Loss Support group on Facebook where someone asked "nothing seems to be helping me. Anyone got ideas that helped you?" Here are some good ideas from people in the group who are losing weight and have repeatedly shared their success photos.


Cut down on eating the following. Or at least, you could eat those things, but just fewer calories than you burn. This is hard to do.

  1. Pasta
  2. Rice
  3. Breads
  4. Sugary drinks
  5. Sodas
  6. Candy

Cut your carbs. Some people say they have been doing Atkins and have lost over 12 lbs since December 31st. Atkins is a diet plan that restricts your carbs and increases protein. By my weight and height, I am allowed 18-20 carbs a day the rest is protein ( meat, cheese, low carb veggies) there's an app called ”Atkins meal and carb tracker” helps tremendously. However, please also beware of these risks associated with Atkins diet.

Some people suggest detox. They say they had the same problem until they learned about detoxing. The build-up in the digestive tract clogs your system and prevents your organs from functioning at peak performance levels. Once we remove obstructions, everything functions better, including elimination, digestion, and metabolism. "I did a 7-day detox and got things moving along nicely with proper calorie intake and removing dairy and gluten from daily calorie intake. It might be worth considering" wrote one member.

Eat fewer calories than you burn. Simple as that.

Bad Bacteria Buildup

Also, apparently due to eating unhealthy foods, bad bacteria builds up in the gut causing cravings for more unhealthy food. So the idea is to kill off most of your bad gut biome. "I did a lectin free diet for 10 days and it worked and I no longer have junk food cravings. Now I am calorie counting" wrote another member.

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Also, there is a totally free app called Diz-Diet, which provides unlimited, healthy plans you can customise to your own calorie, macro, and food preferences. It also provides the exact date you will reach your weight goal and shows you what you need to do to get there.

Weight Watchers App

Try also the Weight Watchers app. It's cheap. Eat normal food. You will get great support and apparently it's a very good app. It will help you learn how and what to eat. People say knowledge is power. Look for it online according to your phone's operating system.

Keto Diet

Some people say Keto helped them when nothing else would not. They say turning to keto diet was their best weight loss decision. Try it for 30 days and see if it works for you. However, people say you quickly regain weight after you abandon Keto.

What about you? How do you lose weight? What works for you and what doesn't? Thank you for sharing your opinion in the comments section below.