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How Long It Takes to Lose Weight On Keto Diet: Calorie Restrictive vs CSK

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"Those who switched from calorie restricting keto to common sense Keto how long did it take before you were losing weight?" This question was asked this morning on Common Sense Keto group on Facebook and the answers from the Keto followers may reveal how long it takes to lose weight on Keto diet.


First, let's see the difference between the Calorie Restrictive Keto and Common Sense Keto.

Calorie Restrictive Keto is where you cut your calories to really low, as we have all been taught to do to lose weight. Common Sense Keto (CSK) is where you feed your body all the calories it needs to function, but restrict carbs and proteins.

In other words, the difference between calorie restricting and CSK keto is that CSK recommends eating to you Maintenance TDEE for weight loss and metabolic health. Calorie restricting wants you to eat less than that. Calorie restricting will work until you stall, but it will slow and damage your metabolism and can cause insulin resistance. Done over time it makes it increasingly more difficult to lose weight. Eating to your maintenance TDEE will heal a damaged metabolism (including speeding it up) or maintain a healthy one.

So, how long does it take before people on Keto start losing weight?

Some people say the effects start immediately, but the results will vary.

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"I started June 2016. The weight came off immediately, but I wasn't really following a plan, just eating fat, protein, etc, barely any carbs. Eventually, I was eating too much protein (not realizing how much I needed), wasn't hungry and was told to not eat. Fasting is so good for you. Fight the hunger. At some point I gained back 15 pounds, felt horrible, hair falling out, brittle nails. Eating the proper balance of protein and fat and my body immediately took to it, lost the excess weight and more, hair growing, and nails getting much healthier. Everyone is different, and you just have to be willing to give it time," writes group admin Chris Cater in Common Sense Keto group on Facebook.

For Laura Warlow the keto weight loss effect was immediate as well after she switched to common sense Keto. "It was immediate for me as well. I was only eating 1200-1300 calories a day and practically no weight coming off. Started eating 1800-2000 or more calories, boom! Been steadily losing weight, have more energy and much happier/healthier now that I'm feeding my body! I will never calorie restrict again," she writes.

People who have switched to common sense keto, say they have stopped craving for snacks.

But there are disappointments as well. For example, Cheryl Rash writes that she switched from calorie restriction (losing every week like clockwork) to CSK a couple of weeks ago. "I gained 6 pounds and have lost 4 of it. I am really disappointed, but I am hanging in there for the long haul. Crossing my fingers that this is going to get me 125-pound weight loss over a year or two," she adds.

Other people replied to her and said that it took them about a month. They write that CSK changes your health. It may take longer, but it will be worth it. Some say they have been in the group for 5 weeks and the steady weight loss only started the "last week."

"About 2-3 weeks. I stayed off the scale for a while. I knew if get discouraged so I set myself up not to," writes Heather Stewart.

If you are using a calorie restrictive Keto or common sense Keto, please let us know in the comments section how much weight you are losing. How is it going? What did you real weight loss start?