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This is how long cigarette smoke remains in your house

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Third hand smoking effects in a room

You should not let anyone smoke in your house because third-hand cigarette smoke toxins can stay in rooms for months.


According to a recent study, the remains of tobacco and toxins often remain in a closed space for up to six months. Even 8 years ago the research warned about this, saying that children living in apartments are exposed to neighbors' and second-hand and even third-hand smoke with their negative effects.

A study, published in the research journal "Tobacco Control", was carried out by professionals from San Diego State University who sought to analyze " third-hand smokeā€œ.

For this purpose, the scientists selected a casino in California where people had been smoking for 24 hours a day for many years. When in 2014 they banned smoking in the casino, the amount of tobacco particles, nicotine and nitrosamines dropped quickly in the air, but not in the soil and surfaces of objects, where they remained for much longer than previously thought.

Researchers verified this with measurements in eight areas of the building. They collected samples from those areas two months before and six months after the smoking ban. And they analyzed what people absorbed from these traces.

Six months after the ban, the team followed up with the 9 non-smokers who participated in the experiment, and higher numbers of toxins were found in the fingers and urine of the participants, after a four-hour visit to the casino. The non-smokers, on the other hand, showed much lower levels of leftover toxins.

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"For years, layers of smoke have settled on the surfaces and deeply impregnated the materials," explained Matt.

Powerful air conditioners drastically improve air quality, but other debris remains.

After the ban on smoking, the only thing that casinos can do to avoid the incidence of tobacco residues is a deep cleaning of surfaces or change furniture and especially carpets and curtains, the researcher said.

"You should never smoke tobacco in closed rooms if you are not willing to pay later the price of a deep cleaning," warns the study.

The effects of long-term third-hand smoke on health have barely been investigated. The Cancer Research Center of Germany recommends avoiding contact with the affected materials and not smoking before touching children and babies, so that harmful substances do not remain in their hair or clothes.

Do you allow anyone to smoke in your house or in your car? How do you handle situations where a relative comes to your house and wants to smoke? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section below. According to this research, reported in Environment International, third hand smoke increases your cancer risk too.



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