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How Often To Wash Your Children's Towels and Keep Them So You Are Not Washing Them Daily

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Children's Bathroom Towels

How often should you wash and replace your towels? Some parents, who have 3-4 children in the house, say they wash a full load of towels every day. Is this necessary?


Some parents say when they were children they each used the same towel for almost a week. Yet, today they wash a full load of towels every day. How often should you keep your towels and how often should you wash them? I looked in online parental discussions and here are some examples from different moms.

In one house their mom writes that everyone gets a hanger. Hang children's towels on the curtain rod if it's stable, or on a hook on the back of the door, or in their bedroom. You can also hang their towels, washcloth,es pouf/loufa and etc...

You can also have hooks on the back of your bedroom doors for towels. In one family their mom says each child has a hook for their towel in their bedroom and when they bring down their dirty laundry each week they bring down their towel too.

Wash Towels Every Few Days

"We wash towels every few days," writes one mom. They hang them up on a hook/command strip, something to that nature in their room or bathroom. But the frequency of washing towels really depends on their usage. By the way, as surprising as it may sound using a family restroom can cut back on germs.

For example our children have swimming lessons 4 times a week. Thus their towels get washes more frequently. Summer time if they use the pool daily, again their towels seem to get washed more frequently. But we also let them dry outside under the son so they can be reused. Otherwise, if you wash your towels more frequently and unnecessarily, that will hit your electric bill.

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Where To Hang Towels if Bathroom Is Small

Parents who say they have small bathrooms hang up their children's towels over the door hanger. You can have separate colored towels for your children and thus, you can wash them once a week. Color coding apparently works well in many families.

Over the door hangers are useful. In some houses I have seen parents using them on all their kids' doors so they can hang up their bathrobes and sweaters. Now when you hang towels using over the door hangers, they may fall. Some parents say they couldn't keep them from falling off the hooks every time they opened and closed the doors. This really depends on the hanger's quality. There is a simple solution you can try. Hang the over the door hanger on the wall. In this way they can stay stable when the bathroom doors are opened and closed.
To avoid washing your children's towels more often than necessary you can also ask them to take their towels to their rooms and hung them over their beds. Bed frames or bunk beds. Let's say girls can get two and boys can get one towel for one whole week. In fact children doing chores has many positive benefits.

"We only have two bathrooms so the Kids bathroom is also the one guests use. We have a rack with six hooks and they just know which hook is theirs for hanging their towels. I need to get another one soon as the babies will be added to that bathroom eventually," writes one mom in one of the many online mommy discussion boards.

Parents can also get something like Colvin Quadruple Swing Arm Towel Bar. It adds more storage room to their bathroom.

"We have one bath towel per person in our home. They get washed about once a week. They get added in on Monday or Thursdays when we do laundry depending on the space in the loads. Kids each have a hook in their bathroom for their towel and are expected to hang them up after they use them. Since they are only drying off clean water, the stay clean and dry before the next time they use them. It has never been an issue. Our kids do most of the laundry around here, so they don't want to wash/fold any more than they have to, so they can up towels daily and lay out their pajamas so they can be worn a second time," shared another parent.

What about you? How often do you wash and replace your children's towels in your house? Where and how do you keep them so their are not mixed? We welcome your comments and sharing your experience with eMaxHealth mommy readers.