How James Corden Lost 85 Pounds and Gained a Talk Show

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James Corden Weight Loss

I was aghast when I heard the former host of the Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson, was leaving to be replaced by some unknown from the UK – namely James Corden. But, once I began watching the show I realized Corden is both multi-talented and extremely funny.


The charming young Brit has infused new energy and new ideas into a genre that was frankly outdated and utterly boring. With a smile that warms any room, he introduces his guests in their dressing rooms before they come on stage and has refreshingly ditched the traditional talk show desk in order to sit up close and personal with his guests. Rather than a promotional platform for the occasional politician, television or movie star, the new Late Late Show is more a combination variety show and talk show with an energy that is off the charts, band included. So, well done, James Corden. I do believe CBS has hit the proverbial jackpot.

Corden is no longer an unknown, but I had no idea what an illustrious career he’s had “over the pond” and worldwide. At 37, Corden has had a 20 year career, including multiple films and a Broadway show, One Man Two Guvnors, for which he won a Tony award in 2012. Corden is no stranger to television and has starred in two long running UK sitcoms, Fat Friends, and Gavin and Stacey.
In 2012, Corden married Julia Carey. The couple has two children, son Max and daughter Carey.


Corden has always fought his weight which has fluctuated since he was in his twenties. At one time when Fat Friends was on the air, the comedian, actor and talk show host weighed over 300 pounds, lost weight then regained. While his weight has gone up and down, he has managed to lose 85 pounds and while he’s still a work in progress, looks healthy and happy as the new late night host. His current weight is 210 pounds. Since arriving in the US and living beachside in California, Corden has acquired a personal trainer and has changed his way of eating.

“I've cut out sugar and bread, and eat only meat at mealtimes now,” says Corden. “I didn't realize before that it wasn't OK to constantly graze all day, that this wasn't a thing and that it was frowned upon.”

The changes are obviously working. Keep up the good work on screen and off and continued success in your endeavors.

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