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How Has Autism Affected Your Life With Unconditional Love and Patience

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Autistic child and mother

Autism affects many lives in many different ways. In this story different parents from various discussion boards share their stories on how autism has affected their lives and changed it.


As I was looking for those stories on how autism has affected the lives of parents and families what this single mom did amazed me. She, barely having money for food, used her smart phone, toughed herself creating computer games and apps and helped her son academically. By doing this, she also improved his social skills.

How has Autism affected you life.

This one from one parent is my favorite. "My son has taught me the true meaning of feeling compassion, patience and love," she writes.

"I've lost jobs because I don't trust anyone to watch my nonverbal son. People don't really come around anymore. I'm doing it as a single mother and it's really hard some days," writes another parent.

One parent writes that Autism had a massive impact on her life. They never go anywhere, no holidays, no rest, home wrecked, no hope, she writes. This is very said, as hope exist always and found in faith.

"I feel helpless and I feel like I am in jail. My 14 year old severely Autistic son who also is severely intellectually impaired is completely nonverbal. He is my youngest and it's just me and him now. I am lonely and depressed," writes another mother. This a fellow mom replies "You are definitely not alone. I am a single mom of 3 severely autistic nonverbal daughters. The oldest one is 11 and the twins are 8. It's rough. No help either except for their wraparounds."

There is the positive side too. "On the positive side, I have met some great people, who no longer care how things look to others. They know unconditional love like very few get to know, my four year old daughter is way more compassionate than anyone else I know. And I have found my strengths more so than I would have otherwise," writes one mother whose story of compassion I love very much.

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"I have to learn to be more patient and don't take bad attitude from others about my son," writes one mother. He is my number one. I have to look out for him since he can't talk. So I don't take crap from anyone," she writes.

Refuse To Give Up

I like very much what this mom writes, who refuses to give up and holds onto hope. "I used to be very introverted and concerned about what others thought. Now I respectfully could care less about what people think unless I ask their opinion. And I will stand up to anyone to stand up for my son. He has brought forth a strength in me I never knew I had and he doesn't even know it. I have met people I would never have met, learned things I would never have known and have impacted other's lives with that knowledge that I would not have otherwise been able to do. I refuse to give up so I hold onto hope," she writes.

"My whole life has changed," writes this parent. "Not good, but had to do what's right for my child. I had to work part time very limited hours I can't go on vacations. I don't have babysitters for my child due to his aggression. Had to be put in medication for my nerves," she writes. She says "not good," but really know knows what is good and what is not good from to point of view of eternal salvation.

My Son Has Taught Me Patience

There is a good side to this that can comfort many parents who care for their autistic children. "Yes the good side is that I met a lot of fantastic people. My son has taught me patience, that I didn't know I had. I am learning to accept people for who and what they are. And exactly, this is what's really important in life. I am amazed by all our kids. My son brings me so much joy despite of all the hardships. Unconditional love in abundance," writes one parent. Truely, this is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes when I read her message.

Dear parents, do not give up and continue to believe, love and be patient. Regarding jobs, there are many things you can do. Here are 18 recommended home-based jobs for parents of autistic children. But there are good and bad jobs for parents who care for autistic children. You may also want to see these 34 best and 10 worst jobs for adults with Autism.

Love is patient, love is kind.



I think I am improving as a person because of how Autism has touched my life, wrote one of our readers on Facebook. "Instead of getting annoyed at the checkout person moving a little slowly, I smile and wait. I smile at people in wheelchairs instead of looking away. I think I *see* people more. As a college soccer player, I used to always love finding the star and watching them play. Now I find the kid chasing butterflies and watch him. I'm actually grateful to be on a different path. I look over and watch and then come right back. It's a path of open-mindedness and love. One of individuality and respect. That's my take."
I have to be patient as my child is autism. He needs love, I need patient. Armen Hareyan happy to know you.