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How to explain Keto to your spouse when he/she is worried about cholesterol

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I have been Keto for a month and am really proud of my progress so far. My husband keeps telling me he is concerned with what I’m eating. He has kidney disease and HPB so he worries about cholesterol and things like that. How can I explain to him and get him on board and stop stressing? I need his support. Thanks so much.


This was a question that was asked today in Common Sense Keto group on Facebook and received few interesting replies, which I am sharing below for eMaxHealth readers who may be following a Keto diet and need to explain Keto to their spouses: especially the cholesterol part.

My hubby is the same. I just had a full blood test to put his mind at ease. I will get the results next week but I am confident it will be fine, writes Phillpa Pucell.

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I have PKD (Polycystic kidney disease). It was diagnosed super young. My BP has always been crazy. Within a few weeks of keto, it started dropping, a year later I have perfectly normal low BP. I was just at the doctor a week ago BP 123/90. I eat so much of all those things I eat like 5 dozen eggs in about 2 weeks. I just made sure there was always fresh veggies around for me to cook with. Loaded broccoli is probably my favorite food. I eat a lot of salad and just throw my meats in it. Bulletproof coffee is an absolute must in my life lol. Not for the energy (extra bonus) but because it's high in my calories in my fats and keeps me full. Now I won't lie I got a little lost along the way messing with keto desserts and some of the sugar replacements but it's always a work in progress. Just keep it simple, experiment with your veggies and when you get tired of eggs for breakfast I ate things I would normally for dinner because no one said post roast isn't a breakfast food. OH!! Also, Mississippi pot roast if you haven't done that do it. It will change your life. - Taylor Greer.

I am diabetic and have Sarcoidosis (an inflammatory disease), high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I was on my Keto diet for months. All my numbers were better. I went off and went on a carb binge. Inflammation and pain came back and was horrible. My sugars skyrocketed again. I am back to following my Keto diet and feel 100x better again. Proof enough for me! And my husband insists I stay on it now, even though he’s not. - Jean Polden.

I find it easiest to give people information to read for themselves. I understand it but there is too much info for me to explain. - Rhonda Wond.

What about you? If you are on a Keto Diet, do you find it difficult to explain the benefits with your spouse? How much are you worried about cholesterol? Please, let us know in the comments section below for discussion