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How to Embrace Clean Living with Natural Antibiotics at Home

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Raw Honey as Natural Antibiotic at Home

The new aged trend of clean living has been more than a simple fad that passes in time; it has become a lifestyle that millions of people seek to embrace. With clean living comes the desire to replace anything and everything in our lives that we feel could be harmful and that could be replaced by a natural counterpart without risk. While clean living may be new to many people, holistic and homeopathic medical care dates back long before modern medicine was even a thought.


With many people casting doubt on pharmaceutical companies and how much of our best interest they have in mind, the interest and desire to learn about homeopathic care has seen an even bigger rise. While you may be surprised to hear this, there is a natural remedy or antibiotic for most all common illnesses and ailments. This isn’t to say you should write off your medical care provider and take matters completely into your own hands, but you can choose to try out homeopathic care before cashing in on the prescription they wrote you.

When and if you are ready to take the plunge into the world of natural antibiotics, it is extremely vital that you still keep common sense in mind. In some cases, certain infections can lead to long term damage to your health or even death. You should always use discretion and in the event, that you aren’t getting better or your symptoms are in fact getting worse; you should seek medical care immediately. Remember, there is no rule stating that you can’t seek medical care simply for a diagnosis and then treat it at home; just use discretion and take pharmaceuticals when deemed necessary.

Why Would You Want to Avoid Pharmaceutical Antibiotics?
While in some cases it may be of extreme importance to take pharmaceutical antibiotics, in many cases a homeopathic antibiotic can work just as well, even better, without the risk. The side effects that pharmaceutical antibiotics and any other pharmaceutical drug’s place on our bodies are quite often worse than the illness they are designed to treat. The prolonged use of antibiotics or the reoccurrence of use throughout one’s life can lead to a weakened immune system. This causes that person to be more vulnerable to infection.

Antibiotic resistance influences more than just the person who is taking the prescription antibiotics. So much so, that the limited use of antibiotics has become the recommended treatment amongst the medical community. The more frequently an antibiotic is prescribed, the more likely it is for that strand to become antibiotic resistant. If you have someone with a weakened immune system who becomes infected by a strand of virus or other treatable illness that has become antibiotic resistant, they are left with no viable cure. This can quite easily lead to death or severe illness, even in those who were seemingly healthy at the start.

Natural Antibiotics
Nature has been providing us with natural and reliable treatments for thousands of years. They key to clean living with natural antibiotics is knowing what to use, when to use it, and how. For some illnesses, there are multiple options, while others may only have one; regardless, some of the best natural antibiotics can most likely already be found in your home. Some of the most common ones being: honey, goldenseal, garlic, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, fermented foods, and even pure essential oils.

Natural antibiotics can be used to treat many ailments, such as, throat infections, skin infections, bladder infections, sinus infections, and even more severe infections where pharmaceuticals are typically used.

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Garlic is likely to be the simplest of natural antibiotics. Garlic contains phytochemicals and healing sulfur compounds that bond with toxins for excretion from the body. Raw garlic contains both allicin and allinase; allicin survives for only a few hours but is an extremely powerful compound. It is approximately one fifteenth as powerful at treating infections as penicillin. It also has extremely beneficial anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that are very useful in the world of natural healing. Allicin only exist for a short time and is killed once garlic is cooked.

Garlic consumption also aids in the promotion of white blood cells that fight infections and the process of stimulating of other immune cells in order to combat both bacterial and viral infections. The regular consumption of raw garlic may not sound like the most appetizing but it is 100? Safe and natural. Homemade garlic oil or a pure garlic essential oil can also be used as a topical treatment for ear infections.

Raw Honey
Raw honey, preferably local to you, is one of the most beneficial health investments one could make. It has more healing benefits than most medicine cabinets do combined and it is affordable, natural, and yummy. Honey naturally contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. Honey is safe to use as t topical treatment, even for the simples of injuries such as a cut, burn, or rash. It can be used orally as an antibiotic, to relieve a sore throat, and even for the treatment or prevention of allergies.

Local honey contains local pollen, by consuming raw honey from your area you a exposing yourself to the allergens that are likely to make your allergies flare up and helping boost your immunity to the pollen specific to your area. This is not the same as resistant bacteria; honey can fight off infections in your body without creating resistant bacteria and can be used to fight infections on multiple levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar
While apple cider vinegar may seem a little strange to you at first, if you have been engulfing yourself in the world of clean living, you have most likely encountered it already. Not only is it good for you, it is a natural antibiotic. This may be a far stretch from the apple cider vinegar household cleaners you have been making but it is an all-around beneficial clean living, must have. Just be sure you are using unfiltered apple cider vinegar and not one that has been filtered and heated a billion times. This removes the natural properties you are looking for.

Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid, which Is known for being anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is commonly used to treat sore throats, laryngitis, excessive mucus, cold sores, shingles, chickenpox, poison oak, poison ivy, cuts, abrasion, sun burn, acne, yeast and fungal infections, and so much more. Apple cider vinegar can be used topically and orally; the dosage and strategy depends on the type of infection.
The large span of infections that can be treated with natural antibiotics is vast. Each infection differs and may need a different plan of treatment. Generally, a clean and natural treatment plan in place of pharmaceutical antibiotics will also consist of the necessary lifestyle changes to promote the healing process. This may include eliminating caffeine, alcohol, sugar’s, and other dietary limitations. A healthy dose of essential vitamins is also likely to be part of the healing regimen.

To learn more about clean living with natural antibiotics, there are many different reliable resources. Herbal books and homeopathic remedies books are a great self-educating resource; you can also find an herbalist who specializes in the treatment of infections with natural remedies. An herbalist is extremely useful in narrowing down exactly which natural antibiotic will work best for you.

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