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How To Control Your Sexual Temptations Related To Hypersexuality in a Christian Way

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Human mind and controlling sexual desire

How all of you control your sexual temptations related to hypersexuality? People do not realize how strong of a force it can be against a human being, but Christianity has a proven answer that works.


I know that controlling sexual desires and temptation related to hypersexuality can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss. But this is one of the carnal passions that strikes to virtually everyone in this world.

Controlling sexual desires and hypersexuality is primarily a spiritual matter, but a combination of morality, mind control, medication, staying busy and deep spirituality has proven to produce good results in people who have exercised them in their lives.


Good people try to control their hypersexuality applying their morals. Girls, for example, want to save their virginity for their future husbands. And this is the right thing to do. True, there are many attractive young men with whom many people mistakenly go for a one night stand, but believe me, save your virginity for that one blessed man who is called to become your husband. It's worth the "torture." The same applies to young men.

Take Your Mind Off it

When sexual passion strikes you, try to distract yourself from the desire and take your mind off it. Go and do something else. Find a work and do some work. Go out and take a walk. Call someone and discuss a totally different topic.

Stay Busy With Work

The busier you stay, the less the hypersexuality will bother you. I remember once reading about a Coptic saint who was keeping himself busy all day long, cleaning the monastery. He was deliberately working extra and making himself tired because in this way he was only fighting against one passion: the passion of fatigue. When your body and mind are tired, you don't want to think about anything else, but just seek little rest and quickly fall asleep.

I know people who like to do cleaning all day. They clean their houses as often as possible to keep themselves busy, tired and thus they overcome the hypersexual urge. Some of them say they don't like cleaning, but it takes their mind off. It helps.

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Intense ExHigh-intensity

Keep exercising. High-intensity cardio (swimming laps) should take the edge off for you. Even if it's just for a few hours, high-intensity exercise will help to control the hyperactive sexual urge.

Some people say that high-frequency exercising, at least two hours daily at high heart rate will give you enough release to control it. You should also know that your eating habits and your diet are also linked to sexual hyperactivity. Take a look at this story that covers at least 4 ways to control temptations related to food and sex. Interestingly, St. Neilos the Ascetic in his Ascetic Discourse writes "sexual desire is even more closely related to gluttony than are the passions of anger and dejection."

Medications That Help To Control Sexual Desires

Talk to your doctor and see if medications can help. There are a lot of meds for people that lower hyperactive sex drive, but I don't know how effective and safe they are. For example, there are medications that are called SSRIs. They include drugs like Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft. These drugs help reduce obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. They also help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Anti-androgens – These drugs target the effects of androgens (a sex hormone) in males and help decrease sexual urges. I should note that some people report they are not much influenced by medications, which are designed to control sexual hyperactivity.

Spirituality and Controlling Hyperactive Sexual Desires

Deep Christian spirituality which includes prayer, fasting and growing your life in the true Christian Church is the most effective way of controlling not only the passion of hyperactive sexual urge but also any passion that attacks us in our earthly lifetime.

Change the direction of your mind. Really change the direction of your mind. You can do it. You need to fill your mind and memory with other thoughts: thoughts about good things, thoughts about helping others, thoughts about heavenly, not carnal things. Our nature can be either filled with good thoughts or bad thoughts. Read the Psalms and the 4 Gospels: at least 5-10 chapters a day. It will help radically changing the direction of your thoughts from earth to things above. Call the name of Jesus and ask for help. If you do it sincerely it will come. And in this way, you can overcome not only this passion but many other passions as well. Do it with prayer, fasting and living a spiritual life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you do these things with sincerely repentance (changing of mind's direction) and fasting, you will experience real results.

"It is important to note that our fasting is done in obedience to God. It is not some "work" we do, because we think it would please Him. It is merely obedience to His Divine will, because we trust Him and love Him. Our nature demands that we fast, and this is one of the reasons why God demands it. We, therefore, do not make up our own fasting rules, because we are a community, being grafted to Christ. We act in true unity with one another, since the head controls the entire body. "Let all things be done in good order". It is simple to fast in an orderly, beneficial way: We merely follow the rules of the church, as obedient children, and heirs of the promise. If we fast in this way, we receive all the benefits of fasting, and avoid the pitfalls of striking out on our own, such as pride, despondency (when we fail to meet our own artificial standards), laxness, and self delusion, which is know in Orthodoxy by the technical word "prelest". our fasting is no different from all the other things we do or do not do because we are Christians We look to the church as our guide, and we follow. there truly is "safety in numbers", when those "numbers" are the sheep in the sheepfold, being shepherded by Christ," writes Fr. Seraphim Holland at the article titled Fighting The Passions.

Let us know if this helps to control sexual desires when single or married. Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you may have any questions, you are welcome to contact me for more discussions. Disclosure: I am not a licensed psychologist.