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Here is Your Keto-Adaptation Google Map for Those Following Ketogenic Diet

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Keto Adaptation Google Map

Here is a nice way to connect with people who follow Ketogenic Diet. One dedicated member from the Keto Adaptation Facebook group, Silvia Ryan created this and shared with the group members.


Here is Silvia Ryan from Wayne, MI in her own words explaining how you can add yourself to this Keto Adaptation Google Map.

Hey there! We’ve seen a lot of people looking for others local to them, but there’s been no good way to organize it – until now!

I just made a custom Google Map that our members can add a pin/flag to with their city, name, and Facebook link (optional). In order to make an edit, you have to sign in with a Google account (think Gmail login).

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If you don’t have such an account, comment your info here and I or another admin will ‘like’ your comment once we’ve added you. Participation in the map is completely optional, and I understand some people would rather stay private.

This map will not come up in a Google search, and is only viewable by having the direct link to it. Feel free to ask questions, and I’ll update the post with more info as questions arise.

To Add Your Pin:

  1. Search your city in the search bar on the map.
  2. Hit the "add to map" with the + symbol.
  3. Click the "edit" with the pencil symbol.
  4. Add your name and any contact info you wish to include.

If someone else has already posted in your city, just edit their pin and add your name as well.

The map is for members of the Keto Adaptation Facebook Group to pin their location for various networking purposes. If you'd like to be involved in the Keto Adaptation group, you can send a request to join the group here where you can then view the map.