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Here is why celebrity weight loss stories do not inspire overweight people

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Celebrity weight loss

Do "celebrity" weight loss stories inspire you? They do not inspire me. Your stories inspire me more. What about you? By the way, I wrote the word celebrity in quotation marks because for me there is nothing to celebrate about most people who attempt to influence our lives through the screen.


Today in a weight loss group on Facebook I asked my friends if celebrity weight loss stories inspire them or influence their weight loss motivation. Interestingly most people said no. Here are their reasons why celebrity weight loss doesn't motivate them or influence their diet decision. Each paragraph is one opinion posted under my question on Facebook.

Nope. They have personal trainers, chefs and people to do the housework and childcare. The time they can commit to a diet, weight loss and fitness isn't realistic for most of us.

No, celebrity weight loss doesn't influence my weight loss motivation. Nothing against celebrities, but it was most like surgery or lipo. So no, not impressed.

Not at all. I look to everyday people to inspire me.

The stories posted on Facebook weight loss groups inspire me because the girls and boys here are people just like me, people I can relate to. Celebrities live in a different dimension.

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Nope. They've got resources most of us don't.

Celebrities are rich enough to work out 8 hours a day, hire personal chefs, hire personal trainers, pay for surgeries, etc. I have no interest in celebrity weight loss. their weight loss stories are not based in the real world in which the rest of us live.

I am inspired by anyone’s weight loss. Yes, celebrities have all the resources and more time than the average person but it’s still not easy. They need to watch what they put in their mouth and push themselves to exercise just like we do to lose weight and maintain even with those resources and surgeries.

Celebrity stuff doesn’t interest me at all. They play life on easy mode and I know I wouldn’t be able to relate.

Celebrity weight loss is real but not realistic to me. I can't have cooks prepare delicious healthy meals, I can't have a personal trainer kick me and motivate me daily. I have a real life and all the stresses that come along with it. Sometimes it seems like they have nothing else to do.

What about you? How is your weight loss motivated? Also, don't miss Tim Boyer's story "Lose Your Belly Fat with Dr. Oz's Latest Weight Loss Advice."