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Here is The Real Alternative to Nike FuelBand

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Nike Fuelband Alternativ is Community

Last Friday, Nike laid off many from its FuelBand team, making those users of the device to track their fitness , raise questions about that decision. It is perplexing, because Nike has a very active fitness and workout community and the device has generally received good reviews.

In fact, a competitor to Nike, French company Withing just launched a new fitness tracker. It's called Pulse O2 activity tracker, and is 20-40 dollars cheaper then Nike's FuelBand, which I saw listed between 140-160 US Dollars. In addition to this, Pulse O2 includes a blood oxygen monitor and an optional watchband.

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While Nike is actually not leaving behind the wearables and could possibly make an alliance with a potential similar Apple device - say the iWatch - the question is how useful are these fitness trackers? More importantly, are they really motivating you to do more fitness?

In response to the potential demise of the Nike FuelBand, Jamie Rosen, Founder and CEO of DietBetter, a company pioneering a new social approach to weight loss, commented the following.

"The commenters who leap to Nike FuelBand's defense seem plenty motivated to be active. Speaking for the rest of us, however - i.e., people who need a kick in the pants to move more - it’s hard to get excited day in and day about a number on a wristband. It’s just not fun. And competing with friends to take the most steps every day, gets old fast. Do sedentary people really change their behaviors just to rack up NikeFuel points? We’ve found that unless you bring competition, community and fun into the equation, all these tools end up as toys for “quantified self” power users. For the population who need it the most, they all fall short."

If you are a fitness-tracking-device user, what is your opinion? Which one is a better approach, personal tracking or bringing community and competition together for the fun like DietBetter's approach?