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He Refuses To Go On Meds, Goes Vegan and Says His IBD "Has Pretty Much Completely Subsided"

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Vegan Smoothie

Today I was reading a story on a Vegan on a Budget group on Facebook where one man named Timarchy shares his story of making vegan smoothies and claiming his IBD has been "pretty much completely subsided." He also tells how he shops vegan.


Here is what Timarchy wrote on Facebook, which I am sharing here hoping it will inspire and encourage other people who are thinking about the Vegan diet and lifestyle.

Today marks the first. The first day of the month and the first day I tried making a greens smoothie. It was incidental. I used the following:

  • 3 bananas
  • little bit of purple sauerkraut (homemade)
  • unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 mango :)
  • 1 block silken tofu (it was supposed to be 1/2 but everything went wrong trying to separate it)
  • Bit of ginger root (actual root)
  • Bit of Turmeric (actual root)
  • 3 White Russian Kale leaves (from garden)
  • Some stevia leaves (garden)
  • Some lime mint leaves (garden)
  • A baby beet (garden)
  • 2 beet leaves (garden)

It has sort of a metallic taste and the beet stands out a bit. Nothing is really overpowering. I do like it, but probably will not make it again since my "recipes" are literally me going "shopping" in the garden and fridge. Basically, I scavenge whatever is (over)ripe and put it in a blender and mix.

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IBD Has Pretty Much Subsided

On a side note, I want to say that since going on a plant based diet, my illness has pretty much completely subsided and I feel like I can lead a normal life again. (Timarchy says he has been diagnosed with IBD in 2014). The vegan part comes along because now I can truly see that I don't need any animals to survive and thrive so the meat industry is really unnecessary. So breakfast cheers to being vegan everyone.

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Oh, here is a little bit about the cost. Technically I think this would probably be like $20 if I only bought these items for just this. But really when I shop, I tend to purchase lots of foods and then use a little bit from all the different foods to increase nutrient diversity and availability in my body. I need as many anthocyanins, antioxidants, and trace minerals as possible!

I refuse to go on meds for the rest of my life.