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Since Going Vegan I Have Not Had Any Real Desire for Alcohol

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Wine and vegan food

Since going vegan a few months ago, I have not had any real desire for alcohol. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a drunk before, but I would often have a glass of wine or two in the evening, or go to happy hour, etc. Not anymore. I just don't want to. I have a bottle in the fridge and poured a glass at dinner, took a couple sips, and poured it out. Just wasn't interested. Anyone else?


This was a question posted in How To Vegan group on Facebook by a group member few days ago and the chatter is that many people report the same experience. They say that once going vegan they have lost the desire for alcohol.

Perhaps prescribing a vegan diet is a good way to treat alcohol addiction. I am not a doctor and this is not a qualified medical advice, but this is something that the researchers should look into and conduct studies.

I would identify myself with the person who posted that question in the group. I have lost any desire for alcohol since going mostly vegan (still transitioning). I don't know why, but I think since the food doesn't seem to be very "solid," like meat, there is not desire to consume wine, brandy or vodka with it. Recently I found myself not even buying beer. I do believe moderate wine drinking is a healthy thing, but not drinking even moderately since changing my diet.

These studies say wine drinking improve your brain function, wine may lower your risk of Heart Disease and Cancer in men and a glass of wine a day may keep your kidney healthy: a vital organ.

But now, no desire to drink alcohol. At least not much at all. I drink mostly wine only on special occasions now.

What's interesting is that the group members where the question was posted, reply with the same experience.

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People Report Losing Interested Toward Alcohol After Going Vegan

"Same with me. I can't believe I had my birthday this year and I didn't have a glass of wine, a first since I was 17," writes a woman who, judging from the picture, is above the drinking age.

Another group member, named Jackie writes that it's the same with her after going vegan. "I have made up my mind. No more alcohol for me. I use to love craft beer. My husband and I have been to do many beer fests, but after becoming vegan, I just lost interest. I think my stomach just became more sensitive after detoxing becoming vegan," she writes.

Answers like "definitely lost interest," and "I thought it was just me," are common answers under the question.

"My sister loved alcohol. Since she's become vegan, she's into her kombucha instead," wrote a group member named Kaitlyn.

One Person Even Quit Smoking After Going Vegan

One female member, named Alvyna wrote that she even lost interested in smoking. "Not only with alcohol, but smoking too. I was down to using an E-cigarette and when I went vegan I just completely lost interest and never looked back!" This is really good. I wonder if other members also were able to quit smoking in addition to losing interest in alcohol after going vegan.

Overall, it's a positive trend to lose interest for drinking and alcohol after going vegan. If you have had a similar experience, please write in the comments. We would love to hear from you. Also see these 5 reasons so many Vegans are chronically dehydrated.