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Giving Your Kids Soda and French Fries at Age 1 Is Pretty Much Sealing Their Fate

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Negative effects of soda drinks for babies

Do not say it's generic when your child is obese, but look at the negative effects of soda and french fries on the baby. Ask yourself, "is it bad for babies to drink soda," before you give them any Pepsi or Coca Cola drinks. Listen to these parents and their stories why they don't give sugar drinks to their toddlers. Teach your children healthy eating habits. Don't give them health problems.


When it comes to giving Coca Cola, Pepsi or other soda drinks to babies (even diet soda), many parents say it's too dangerous because it's too much sugar for toddlers. If I am not drinking soda drinks myself, why would I give them to my toddlers.

I personally wouldn't let my 2 year old drink soda. I also don't let my 4, 9 and 13 year old drink soda drinks. However people are raised differently and it's said to see moms and dads giving their toddlers soda drinks and going like "hey look how my child drinks Soda." This is not something you boast.

"My 20 month old drinks from my husband's Dr. Pepper. It's not going to kill her. I don't judge what other parents choose to do with their kids and feel as though it's no one's business what I am doing with mine," wrote one mom in social media. But I personally do not agree with this type of attitude as to "who are we to judge other moms parenting?"

Parents Concerned of Negative Effects of Soda On The Baby

I have been reading about the negative effects of soda on the babies in different parenting forums and groups in social media and have seen two types of attitudes. First, is that most parents don't give soda drinks to their children explaining why soda is bad for your baby. The second, is that many parents, wrote things like this: "soda drinks not for my babies, but if anyone gives soda drinks to their children that's not my business." I personally don't like the second attitude, because it's kind of ignorance. It won't help to raise awareness and keep our society healthy if we all ignore the negative things going on around us.

"My son won't be getting juice or soda. I've made it really clear. My mom rolls her eyes but there is no need in children having it. It's not even good for adults," wrote on mom in a parenting group on Facebook. "Giving coca cola or other soda drinks to babies is not something I do. My friends and mom roll their eyes at me too. My 4 year old never asks for it when we are out. She asks for water and sometimes milk. It makes me cringe when I see little kids sucking on soda," writes another mother.

Some other parents say that their children drink soda drinks occasionally. It's not a regular thing and they don't keep sugar drinks in the house.

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Stories of Negative Effects of Soda on Children

"I used to have a mom friend who gave her 1 yr old soda. Her entire family, including her husband and parents were obese or morbidly obese. Many members of her family had diabetes. They were the type who ate KFC on the sofa every night. She swore the obesity and diabetes was "genetic" and was certain her daughters had the same fate. SMH. Sure, her daughters may be predisposed to diabetes and obesity, but giving your kids soda and French fries at age 1 is pretty much sealing their fate. Years later, yes. Her daughters are obese. Not sure if all of that soda gave them diabetes or not. I don't talk to her anymore," writes one mom in one of the parenting groups in social media.

"I know someone like this too. She wonders why her kids are obese when she's fed them crap and soda since they were tiny. She too says it's genetic. It's quite sad. We as parents should be teaching our kids healthy eating habits. Not teaching them their own horrible ones and then shocked they gave health problems," replies another concerned parent.

At Least Practice Moderation When Giving Babies Soda Drinks

One parent writes that her kids 2 and 4 get a cup of soda at family events and maybe once a month when they randomly go out. It's always sprite. She means less than 2 cups a month. I read about other parents who do only water and almond or hemp milk at home, but when they go out to eat, let's say about once a month, they allow their small children to get sprite.

When you give your child coke, Pepsi or other soda sugar drinks you shouldn't complain that your children are literally jumping off the walls and running around screaming. And all you can apparently do is yell at them to stop acting out. Thus, here is another negative effect of soda drinks on your children. Sugar makes people hyper.

Why Is It Bad For Babies To Drink Soda

Studies show that soda drinkers have increase risk of poor brain health. If soda drinks have negative effects on adults, they will surely have negative effects on toddler brain, which are still developing. But do not switch to diet soda. Instead of soda, reach for plain water. EmaxHealth reporter Tim Boyer, Ph.D. writes that sodas do more harm than just contribute to obesity, pointing to a paper recently published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that is reportedly the first study analyzing the risk soda drinking poses toward experiencing a stroke.

Here are 22 diet soda alternatives that won't damage your brain or add to your child's waste-line. You may also want to know the difference between the regular soda and diet soda and which is worse for your child's teeth.