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Get Fit By Adding This Simple Exercise Equipment At The Desk

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Desk Fitness Exercise

Here is a very simple desk fitness equipment you can use for a resistance exercise. If you don't have this, you can even use soup cans.


This simple desk fitness equipment and exercise tip is shared by the American Diabetes Association through its Twitter channel to aid people to move more frequently at the desk. Here is how it works.

Try these seated movements if you have ten extra minutes at your desk. However, if you don't have the necessary equipment to do this exercise you can lift almost anything: even soup cans. These are simply easy ways to do seated exercise movements. The American Diabetes Association shared this tweet ahead of the National Get Fit Don't Seat Day, which is May 4, 2016.

Another easy way to do an at the desk exercise is to keep moving with under the desk pedal exerciser. "The least expensive under the desk pedal exerciser costs around $19.95, and weighs just five pounds, from Isokinetics," writes Kathleen Blanchard of EmaxHealth.com.

Constantly sitting at work is harmful, but here are at least 15 ways to fight fatigue, suggested by writer John Smith from his post on the “Working Writers and Bloggers” blog site that you can do while sitting in front of your computer.

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