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Four newest plant-based foods to hit the market

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Vegan and colored pasta with onion

According to the latest Nielsen data released at Expo East, retail sales of plant-based foods and beverages rose 8.1% in the 52 weeks leading to August 12. Great news for veggie enthusiasts as options in the vegetarian and vegan marketplace continue to expand.


It’s easy to answer those pestering questions like “But how do you get your protein?” when browsing the latest plant-based products. Please see below for a roundup featuring some of the newest plant-based foods to hit the market.

Ahimi Poke Bowl

Veestro recently vegan Ahimi Poke Bowl, and is proud to be the first company to bring Ahimi to consumers nationwide through their plant-based meal delivery service. This new meal offering features a delicious, sustainable and first-of-its-kind alternative to raw tuna, created by Ocean Hugger Foods. The price of Ahimi Poke Bowl is $10.99.

Organic Coconut Protein Blend

Carrington Farms' new Organic Coconut Protein Blend - Unlike the other guys you see in health stores that have lengthy labels and ingredients you can’t pronounce, this vegan and organic protein powder is made with just THREE ingredients (Coconut Powder, Pumpkin Powder & Pea Powder!). Not to mention, it contains a whopping 20g of protein. The price of Organic Coconut Protein Blend is $19.99.

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Frozen Snack Line

Field Roast, original makers of vegan grain meats and cheeses recently introduced its frozen snack line, including:

  1. Fruffalo Wings – A tasty contrast between sweet and smoky, these Field Roast smoked apple sage sausages are cut, lightly battered and par fried to perfection.
  2. Sunflower Katsu Cutlet – Perfect as center of the plate with or without gravy, these tasty cutlets are battered, breaded and pan fried.
  3. Miniature Corn Dogs – A sublime balance of juicy and savory, these savory frankfurters with sweet corn batter are an easy 15-minute bake at home.

The suggested price of vegan Frufallo Wings, Sunflower Katsu Cutlet and Miniature Corn Dogs is $7.99 each.

Pulse Pastas

Explore Cuisine recently added new line of Pulse Pastas that are all organic, vegan and gluten-free. From the Green Lentil Penne to Chickpea Fusili to Red Lentil Spaghetti, Explore Cuisine Pulse Pastas offer lots of protein and fiber (and barely any fat) in every bite.

Also, Vegans rejoice: Walmart wants more vegan products available on its shelves.