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Four Legitimate Reasons Parents Can Lock The Fridge Door For Safety of Children

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Children Overcoming mother's fridge door lock

Just because your fridge door is locked, this doesn't mean your children are starving. There may be many kid safety reasons for which parents lock the door of their fridge. They are meant to keep kids safe and here are some of them.


Even if the fridge doors are locked children can still eat several times a day when needed. Some children are too young to do the eating themselves, but old enough to destroy food and waste it.

I decided write about this story after watching this video of two young brothers trying to overcome their mother's lock on a fridge door. But I am more upset about the person who took this video. It's like making fun of the children. But about that, let's talk at the end of this story.

So why some parents choose to lock their fridge door?

Lock The Fridge Door If Your Child Has Certain Allergies
Sometimes you simply have to lock the fridge door to keep your children safe. There are children, for example, who have anaphylaxis reactions to multiple foods. Many parents may not know about this and even some more doctors need to know about some allergic reactions. Thus, parents do their best to avoid these reactions, but sometimes they have treats for adults that may not be good for children with certain allergies.

"My fridge is locked. My toddlers are allergic to dairy and there's always some on the top shelf for misc recipes," wrote one mother named Liz in one of the Facebook groups about parenting. "They started getting chairs and climbing to the top to get the dairy products. If my daughter consumes dairy she goes into respiratory distress," she adds.

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For this and other reasons they keep their fridge doors locked, until their child grows enough to learn to ask before eating anything. Sometimes, by 15 months your child can climb a baby gate in 10 seconds flat. His or her safety is more important than someone thinking you are a bad parent for locking your fridge.

We have not locked our fridge door because our children didn't have any allergy issues, but I don't think there is anything abusive about a child lock on a fridge as long as your selflessly love your children.

Lock The Fridge Door If You Have Dogs or Cats
Some people like locking the fridge door because they have dogs and cats who simply get into it. Thus many families who have pets simply need to lock the door of their fridge not only for child safety, but also to keep the cats and dogs out of the fridge.

Baby Proofing Everything
Other families like to baby proof everything before having children or when they have a small child in the house. I learned about a someone who wrote that her two year old likes to wake up in the morning and "destroy the fridge," even though she has appropriate things to eat. "It is actually dangerous for her to have access to it at that time," she adds. You don't want having the milk dumped everywhere in the morning because your three years old child got to the fridge before you.

Some Families Keep Medicine in The Fridge
Some families lock the door of their fridge because they keep medicine there. Some children want to go exploring in the fridge. What if you keep prescription medicines there. Besides, they can get into the fridge and smash eggs on the floor or get yogurt to waste. This doesn't say your kids shouldn't eat, but wasting food is not a good thing to do. By the way, here are 5 safety tips to keep certain medications away from children.

We, the parents, need to remember that there is a huge difference between a child's safety lock on a fridge and a lock like you hear in some stories from foster homes etc. Therefore, those families who lock their fridge door for the above-mentioned and some other reasons, doesn't at all mean their don't feed their children.

Thus, don't be quick to judge when you see images like this of parents locking the fridge door. I am more concerned about the person who took this video. Is this making fun of the children? "Love does not rejoice on the wrong" (1 Corinthians 13:6).