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Four Amazing Vegan Snack Bars from Toosum That Bar Lovers Must Try

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Toosum Vegan Snack Bars

Finally there is a vegan and gluten-free snack bars that really taste good. If you have not tasted them, you should try Toosum snack bars.


Few weeks ago I tasted the Toosum Vegan snack bars and and was surprised how good they were. If you look at the ingredients of snack bars you will probably see that virtually every snack bar in America has milk or milk products. It's hard to find vegan snack bars. And then I was offered Toosum to taste.

These 100-calorie snack bars are not only vegan, but GMO-free, gluten free and made of oatmeals and fruits. With only 100 calories they offer many benefits: great taste, vegan snack and small size. It's like finally there is a snack bar that is vegan, gluten-free and tastes great. I really mean when I say Toosum snack bars taste great. Despite their small size you really feel full.

I tried Toosum's Cherry & Plum, Cranberry & Acai, Coconut & Banana as well as the Blueberry & Sunflower Seeds snack bars.

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All were great, but I particularly liked the Coconut & Banana. It has shredded coconut on it and is sweet. Bananas give it a tropical flavor. It's like it reminds you island-vacation.

Cherries and plums gives a summery flavor. Cranberries and Acai Berries, that are known to be good antioxidants, kind of awaken your taste-buds with good healthy benefits. And blueberries with sunflower seeds give the Toosum vegan snack bars their delicious "indulgent flavor," as reads the description of this snack bar on Toosum's website.

Watch this brief interview with Fit Chef Katy who is the spokesperson for Toosum foods and explains how she uses these snack bars in daily life.

Have you recently tried Toosum vegan snack bars? If yes, please let us know how you liked them in the comments section bellow for discussion. You may also like these top 3 gluten-free snack and energy bars for celiac disease from eMaxHealth long time reporter Lana Bandoim.