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ExOlin, an Implantable Device on The Liver To Manage Diabetes, Goes on Trial

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Diabetes implantable device Exolin

Defymed, a biotechnology company based in Strasbourg, plans to start clinical trials of an implantable insulin delivery device ExOlin, connected directly to the liver. The trials are set to start in 2018, with an aim of releasing the product to market in 2020.


The device is called ExOlin and it enables delivery of insulin closer to organs ensuring more efficient diffusion into the bloodstream. It is supposed to better regulate the glycemia of diabetics and cause fewer side effects than a simple subcutaneous injection.

"With the current devices, the insulin disperses everywhere before going to the liver. With ExOlin, the insulin goes directly in the liver," France Press quotes Séverine Sigrist, president and founder of Defymed, who presented the company’s objectives during a press conference on on Feb. 1st of 2018 in Strasbourg.

First Clinical Trials Of ExOlin In 2020

The main innovation developed by Defymed, is a biocompatible and permeable membrane which forms a pocket, a few centimeters in diameter into which insulin is injected. Implanted closer to the peritoneum, the membrane that surrounds the digestive organs, it is connected by a catheter to a sub-cutaneous chamber the size of a button where the injection is completed, via a syringe or a pump.

The life of the ExOlin device, which is implanted in outpatient surgery, is currently four years.

Defymed wants to improve the existing internal delivery systems like Medtronic or the system developed by Swiss Roche.

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ExOlin is a direct result of Defymed's research on the bio-artificial pancreas, a biocompatible disk in which, pancreatic cells are protected from antibodies and thus rejection phenomena.

However, the development of the cells, for which the company has forged an initial partnership with the American Semma Therapeutics, took longer than expected and the first clinical trials have been postponed to 2020. By then, Defymed hopes to raise 10 million euros from investors to push ExOlin to the market.

If successful, there is a possibility that the ExOlin device will be adopted by other medical disciplines that treat cancer.

If you live with diabetes, what do you think about ExOlin and the prospect of an implanting a device directly in the liver? Let us know your thoughts on this new way of managing diabetes in the comments section below.

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Please, tell us in the comments section what you think about ExOlin and the prospect of having an implantable device on the liver to manage Diabetes.