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First Day on Keto Diet Plan And Hungry, What To Do

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Keto diet plan

Some people, when they start to follow a Keto Diet Plan, need time to adjust. This is why sometimes that initial time is called Keto Adaptation. During this period people feel hunger. Here is what people who already follow a Ketogenic diet for a longer period of time, suggest to overcome hunger during this initial period.


Here are several suggestions from people who already successfully follow Keto diet plan.

They say the first week will be filled with all kinds of weird feelings. Make sure you eat high fat low carb food and no sugar. Make sure you salt your food and drink plenty of water. Multi vitamin is great, they say and recommend you start taking daily probiotic supplements for solid poops and all around good stomach health. After a week if you haven't gotten into a swing of things talk to a professional nutritionist or a certified health provider to see if you can get more tips.

Others suggest snacking on bacon. They say bacon has helped them, however, recent studies have shown serious health risks associated with processed food and particularly bacon. See these favorite foods that may cause Cancer, where bacon is the first in the list. Others suggest cooked seaweed instead of bacon. See Cooked Seaweed Tastes Like Bacon?

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The hunger right now is your body wanting carbs. Just keep giving it healthy fat so that is has no choice but to use it for fuel.

"I have only been on keto since Dec. 7th and for the most part do not get hungry," writes a user named Colleen. "The water helps, however there are so many amazing foods you can eat that have zero carbs. I make my own ceaser salad dressing. The recipe includes 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, one or two garlic cloves. mix well and place in fridge. Cut up two heads of romaine, 1 cup of shredded fresh parmesan cheese, cut up bacon (1 cup or so), pour dressing on top and mix well. Yum, the only carbs in here is your romaine, so you can have a good portion and totally feel satisfied," she writes.

Another user, named Wiky, encourages the person who asked the question on how to overcome Keto diet hunger, by writing "I promise it gets easier. I had to adjust to more fat. Mentally that was hard for me, we are told all our lives that fat is bad, but it does work to increase it. Good luck and keep checking in here. The greatest and most supportive people here."

You also need to pay attention and make a distinction between hunger and craving. Sometimes you are not hungry, but just craving. Do you have useful tips to share on how to overcome hunger?