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First Avocado Chocolate Snack Bar Created in Los Angeles

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Avocado Chocolate Bar

Finally, a chocolate maker created something that many people love; namely the avocado chocolate bar.


People have developed a special taste for avocados, but avocado chocolate has never beenheard of - until now.

A chocolate maker company in Los Angeles has combined thetwo special foods many people love.

Avocado Chocolate is the first snack bar of its kind and it costs about 10 dollars.

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Compartes is a premium gourmet chocolatier in Los Angeles making chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, custom chocolates, milk chocolate, organic dark chocolate, corporate gifts.

The chocolate part is made of a white chocolate. "Creamy Compartes white chocolate full of fresh California avocados. There's absolutely nothing else quite like it," reads the description on Compartes' product page.

We haven't tested it yet, but judging from the description the Avocado White Chocolate Bar is made from white chocolate and obviously fresh California avocados. Apparently they are sourced locally and are organic.

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