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Fasting Seems More Difficult During Dinner, But There Are Things You Can Do To Help

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3 day fasting

People who fast regularly for spiritual or dietary reasons sometimes say that fasting is more difficult during the evenings, during the dinner time than in the mornings or the afternoon. Why is this and what you can do about it.


If you are on a three day fasting, you don't feel like eating anything in the mornings after you wake up. It's relatively easier during the lunch time too. But for some reason dinner times are very challenging.

The reason for this may be the fact that for many people the evening is a "psychological trap." For millions of people their entire day is often planned around homecoming after work and having a dinner. This is true for most people who are married and have families and those who are single. But they have dinner after coming home from work. When you fast and skip the dinner you have to find a way to skip this "psychological trap."

Pray During Fasting
We have learned from fasting from the Old Testament and both in the Old and New Testaments the Word of God makes it clear that prayer is necessary during fasting to make it a fully beneficial spiritual experience. If you are not doing your intermittent or 3 day fasting for dietary reasons, but for spiritual reasons and can arrange your prayer times to be during the dinner or lunch time, you should note a significant easy in overcoming the challenges of fasting.

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Make Phone Calls
Someone told me that she makes phone calls to friends and family members and even starts "sorting the fat clothes out of her closet" during the dinner time. Communicating with friends will help you to get the dinner out of your mind until that psychological trap time is passed.

Go Out and Take a Walk
You can take an evening walk. Many people already take a walk after dinner. Simply choose to get out of the house and walk. That should help a lot. If you have a nice outside garden or live near to one, you can also sit in a garden. It should be a very relaxing experience.

Take a Warm Bath
If you are doing a water fasting sometimes taking a warm bath in the evening helps a lot. It takes time and relaxes you. But you probably not be able to do the bath option if you are in a dry fast, during which no water touches your skin.

Plan Your Fasting Ahead
Fasting involves a battle of mind. Therefore, it is always a good idea to plan ahead for the battle of your mind. Plan the day or days if you are doing a 3 or more day fasting. Plan your schedule for those days. Plan your battle and you will be more prepared and the experience more beneficial.