Examples of what Keto people eat in a day

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Keto Diet Meal Plan

When you follow a particular diet your choice of what to eat during da become narrow. The same is true for those who follow the Keto way of eating. Someone asked today for examples of what to eat during a day if you follow the Keto way of eating. Here are several examples of a Keto diet plan for beginners.


This discussion took place in Keto After 40 with Case group on Facebook where members shared their Keto plan of what they eat during a given day. Here are some examples of what Keto people eat from that discussion.

Here is my daily Keto diet plan. Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with cheddar cheese, broccoli, mushroom. Bacon. Lunch: 2 cups of lettuce, 1/2 small tomato, cheddar cheese, ham, 4 tablespoons of Caesar dressing. Dinner: 3 boiled eggs made into deviled eggs. That is what I ate yesterday. - Michelinda Smith.

I ate eggs (3 egg omelet with some cheese typically) in the AM along with Coffee. Then I had a midday snack of some almonds or cheese sticks. My dinner includes Beef, Chicken or Pork with a salad / Caesar dressing. If I am having dessert, there is a 5g carbs Chocolate and a Peanut Butter cake that my wife makes. I drink a good amount of sparkling water throughout the day. I also make a "Cheeseburger Casserole" that has 5g per serving. - Steve Kaye.

My keto diet plan includes once a day and most of the time eggs and/or sauerkraut soup. Another day it would include fried squid rings/fish or tiger prawns or cheese fingers coated in egg and sesame seeds and deep fried in ghee butter. - Tina Med.

Today marks eight weeks on following a keto diet plan for me. About five days ago I started only being hungry once a day. In the mornings I sip on warm water, (used to be warm lemon water). but the lemon had carbs. I have a coffee with heavy whipping cream midmorning. Sometimes I will sip on some bullion, but most of the time I will just have a pickle (although some say pickles are not keto) or two and maybe a half an ounce of almonds. I do drink a lot of water. We eat dinner around 4 PM as I go to bed early because I have an early work schedule. It’s usually some protein and a cup of non-starchy vegetables. I used to always want to have something sweet in the evenings now I just have one square of 72% organic dark chocolate. It satisfies me, which I still find amazing. I have lost 20 pounds of weight in 2 months. - Jennifer Harris.

May daily keto diet plan includes coffee with a tablespoon coconut oil. Then I take a late brunch to lunch: 4 scrambled eggs with bacon. Dinner: romaine lettuce salad with chicken, cheese, few grape tomatoes and minimal ranch dressing. Yesterday I also had a shot of pink salt. - Nancy Bullock.

  • Breakfast: 3 coffees with 2 drops liquid stevia, 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 tsp heavy cream each.
  • Lunch: 2 oz. leftover steak, 1 cheese stick, 4 olives, 1 bedder cheddar.
  • Dinner: 8 oz. ground beef, 1 oz. cheddar cheese, 1 slice of tomato, 2 slices avocado, 1 tbsp homemade avocado oil mayo, 1 pickle slice.

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That's from a group member Jennifer Monaghan.

Yesterday my keto meal was chia pudding with cottage cheese for breakfast, Arby's beef and cheddar (no bun or red sauce) for lunch and chicken thighs, fried cabbage and cheese stuffed mushrooms for dinner. I also had radishes and celery with ranch for snacks. - Tisa Barber.

My daily keto diet plan includes 3 eggs fried with PAM and generous splashes of Atkins Milk Chocolate Shake in my morning coffees. Then lunch varies. Sometimes it's a low carb sandwich, low carb TV dinner (not many out there, but when you get salad and sandwich exhaustion, it's great in a pinch), or a big salad full of spinach, a meat (bacon, chicken, etc), cheese, a bit of onion for flavor, and nuts for crunch. Then I have a single serving of homemade chocolate (1 T coconut oil mixed with about 1 T of unsweetened baking chocolate and a half a packet of Truvia, frozen in a silicon baking cup). Later in the afternoon, I serve up 1 ounce of cream cheese on celery sticks, and sometimes I have an afternoon cup of leftover coffee with a sprinkle of Truvia and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Then dinner is a veggie and a meat. Last night it was tacos. I did some homemade tortillas (low carb baking blend, psyllium, and egg whites. messy but did the job). That's about it! I work at home, so all this prep is super easy at the moment. - Lori Mulsoff.

My Keto has 2 pieces of bacon and one egg fried or scrambled in butter. One cup of coffee with 1 tsp heavy whipping cream. My lunch is a small serving salmon or ribeye and a small salad with ranch dressing. Dinner: ribeye, or chicken drumettes, Chuck roast cooked with radishes. Creamed spinach. - Nitta Harris.

I had coffee, HWC and Truvia for "breakfast," steamed shrimp with broccoli for lunch (some olive oil on top), and sardines with hot sauce and a cup of bouillon broth for dinner. Some days I eat more, some days less. That's my keto daily plan. - Rosa Burgos.

"On a normal day here is my Keto eating plan," writes Jolie Rollins.

  1. Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs in Irish Butter; Black Coffee
  2. Lunch: Small Salad, like chef or Caesar, IF I have lunch. I’m usually not hungry
  3. Dinner: Cod wrapped in prosciutto with Spinach cooked in Irish butter with capers, red pepper flakes and a dash of lemon juice

I have never been a big snacker, but I do keep HB Eggs, uncured pepperoni, and good quality cheese on hand. And Macadamia nuts. I drink water (all the time), Black Coffee, Tea with or without HWC, and the few times I have had alcohol, although it’s been rare. I also use red wine or tequila, adds Rollins.

What does your daily meal plan include? If you are a beginner in following a Keto diet plan, take this Keto Diet advice and success tips for newbies from veterans. Also, you can lose weight with these keto diet steps to get you started on keto the right way. Please, let us know about your plan in the comments section below for discussion. It may help others.