Electronic cigarettes soon to be sold in British hospitals as a desperate measure

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Selling electronic cigarettes in British hospitals is a desperate measure to stop smoking - offering people the lesser evil.


Health authorities in Britain want to encourage vaping as an aid to stopping smoking. They have even considered selling electronic cigarettes in hospitals.

"Electronic cigarettes have become the most popular weaning aid for smokers in Britain with three million regular users," British health authorities said in a report. "But at the same time, 79,000 people continue to die from smoking each year, which is why we want tobacco users and health professionals to support smokers who want to use e-cigarettes to stop smoking."

2 Hospitals Already Replacing Smoking Zones with Vaping

To promote vaping as a weaning aid, health authorities plan to replace smoking areas in hospitals with vaping zones. Two general hospitals (in Colchester and Ipswich) have already tried the experiment by removing the outdoor areas reserved for smokers and replacing them with "vaping friendly" zones.


To go further and encourage patients to give up smoking, health authorities are also considering selling e-cigarettes in dedicated spaces within the hospital. The objective is "to encourage the 40% of smokers who have never been able to stop smoking, but who have never tried to vape, to change their habits," they told The Guardian.

Numerous Studies Confirm The Dangers of E-Cigarettes

Smoking e-cigarettes exposes you to cancer-causing benzene. Portland State University reports that significant levels of benzene are found in e-cigarette vapors which are operated at high power. Benzene causes cancer.

Avoid flavored e-cigarette vapor for your health. Desert Research Institute reported that scientists have discovered there are hazardous chemicals in flavored e-cigarette vapor. They have been stressing the need to therefore investigate this matter further.

If you are trying to quit smoking, here are 2 ways to heal after you quit smoking. You need to change your diet and eat more vegan foods. "This study fits into a growing body of research demonstrating the health benefits of consuming a diet rich in plant foods," said Dr. Ann Tilley, a pulmonologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. "This type of diet has global benefits for our health, and I advise all my patients to incorporate more plant foods into their diets."

If you are a smoker, has vaping helped you to smoke less or quit totally? I don't think choosing a lesser evil will help the situation. But it's obvious that this is a desperate measure to keep people from suffering from their addictions. Please, let us know what you think about electronic smoking in the comments section below.

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