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Easy Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You Full For 6-7 Hours

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Easy Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas

The secret to satiety or that wonderful feeling of fullness is dietary fat. Body fat is one of the fuel sources your body runs on when on a Keto diet. Unless you are including intermittent fasting in your diet or working out early in the day (there’s a chemical reason you don’t want to eat before a workout) then breakfast can make or break a day’s worth of dieting and keep you from running to the vending machine for something that will throw you out of ketosis. Here are some easy keto diet breakfast ideas I have used since 1977.


Eggs are the most versatile food on the planet.

I can think of hundreds of variations on how to make an egg, and recent research has shown that eating up to three eggs a day isn’t bad for your health, so stock up. They’re also easy and fast to cook and these days really inexpensive. If you have an Aldis near you a dozen eggs is about 58 cents. If you like them boiled just put a pot on and bring to a boil then lower the fire while you get in the shower. Unless you take 20 minute showers you’ll have a perfectly boiled egg when you get out. There will be enough heat to cook the egg. If you like them soft bring to a boil, wait a minute and remove from heat. Run cold water into the pan to stop the cooking process.

Peel under running water (preferably NOT your shower water). Top with a thin pat of butter, salt and pepper. I like to mix up flavors so I have dozens of varieties of Himalayan and sea salt from smoked to truffle. If that takes too much effort or thought, boil eggs the night before and heat them up for a few seconds with butter the next morning.

Egg White Omelet, Spinach and Onions

My favorite easy keto diet breakfast is an egg white omelet with spinach and onions. To save time I sauté onions and spinach in a little grapeseed oil and butter on Sunday evening and store in an airtight container. The grapeseed oil has a high flash point so the butter won’t burn. That way in the mornings, I just pour my egg whites in a pan with butter or coconut oil or a spritz of grapeseed oil, add the spinach and onions and a little Parmesan or Asiago. If you’re a fan of cilantro or salsa toppings then feel free. On the weekends I usually have a 1 inch slice of sweet potato and black beans to go with.

Crustless Quiche

Crustless quiche is another favorite and all you need to do is heat it up in the microwave or if you prefer a countertop oven. I have a convection toaster over that makes my life so much easier. If you plan to reheat quiche just remember not to overcook when preparing because reheating can make the eggs rubbery. I like to make several on the weekends and freeze what I won’t need for the week.

Oyster and Bacon Scrambled Eggs

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Never one for the mundane, even as a kid, I make oyster and bacon scrambled eggs. The dish, called Hangtown Fry allegedly originated in San Francisco when a miner who hit a huge vein of gold walked into the El Dorado hotel and ordered the most expensive dish they could create. I was told it is a very common dish in Taiwan and I learned the recipe long before there was internet from a friend from Taiwan. Basically, you want to take smoked oysters, cooked bacon, eggs, onion and cheese and make a scramble. Easy and delicious. I often put spinach in mine and sometimes make it with just egg whites or mostly egg whites and one yolk.

Tired of eggs for breakfast?
Consider other options. Any kind of protein will work. I sometimes eat spring rolls made with lettuce for breakfast and make a peanut sauce for dipping.

Yogurt is another option if you are watching carbs. 1 cup of Greek yogurt contains 10 grams of carbs, 20 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat. The non-fat version for one cup has 22 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbs with of course zero fat. As I like to get my fat for the day from meat or oil, I usually choose the higher protein, non-fat version and add Sweet Leaf organic stevia. Sweet Leaf makes a wide variety of flavors (about 20) like lemon, orange, grape, chocolate raspberry, English toffee, coconut, chocolate, caramel, and even pumpkin. The company also makes water drops and products for baking.

If you haven’t yet tried coconut or almond flour it’s time. These flours are keto friendly and make great crepes, pancakes and waffles. Just remember to pick up sugar free syrup or make your own fruit flavored syrups using different kinds of berries. Just add a few drops of plain stevia to berries in a glass jar, mash and leave in the frig. You can add a little whipped cream for an additional treat. I also like to top mine with cream cheese, sour cream or Greek yogurt.

On the go?
Crunchy or smooth? Peanut butter wraps using low carb tortillas are another change for breakfast. I like to add nuts and a little dried fruit or apple slices. I prefer to grind my own and these days many grocery stores have machines that grind peanut, sunflower, almond and cashew butter.

If you’re more of a snacker, make your own trail mix for your commute. It’s easy, less expensive than store bought, and you can make up little pouches for the whole family.

Strickly a meat eater?
Many companies make precooked frozen sausage that doesn’t take long to either heat up in the microwave, pan or toaster over. If you’re like me and don’t like the smell of bacon in your furniture and curtains you may want to find a convenience store that makes bacon and eggs and stop for breakfast. I used to go to the neighborhood Kroger for breakfast after my morning run. Many grocery stores not serve not only breakfast but lunch as well and they will make an omelet or eggs your way. I also like to cut up Polska kielbasa and add grated cheese for breakfast or melt cheese and add pepperoni for a quasi-breakfast pizza substitute.

I found a great deal at Aldis the other day – precooked ribs. All you have to do is heat them up in the microwave when you don’t feel like a traditional egg and bacon or sausage breakfast.

I also like smoked salmon for breakfast and sometimes make fish tacos for breakfast with low carb tortillas.

Here’s the thing. Any protein and fat combination breakfast keto meal will usually get you through the morning, maybe lunch, and into the afternoon slump. I find if I eat a high protein, high fat keto breakfast I won’t be hungry until late afternoon and often dinner.