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Does dry fasting help with weight loss? I am overweight

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Fasting and weight loss

Some people say you can expect to gain back 1/2 to 2/3 of what you lose while dry fasting. It isn't a weight loss solution. But let's say what people, who do dry fasting regularly, say about dry fasting and weight loss.


This morning I read an interesting discussion at the Dry Fasting (no water or food) on a Plant-Based Diet group on Facebook where the members were answering the question of dry fasting and its efficiency with weight loss. Here is what people say. These are not medically proved opinions, but opinions from people who do dry fasting and should not be taken as medical advice. Let us know please your opinion in the comments section below if you have done dry fasting and if it has lead to stable weight loss.

Simona Poceviciute - If you manage to do dry fasting for longer than 3 days, anything lost after the 3rd day of fasting is the weight that won't come back. Anything lost in the first 3 days will come back slowly. Speaking from experience. So if you want to lose weight I don't recommend to do many shortchanged dry fasts, but a longer dry fast or a very long water fast (like at least 5-21 days).

This Canadian woman did a 21-day water fasting and here is how she looks after 21 days.

Tim Babb writes about a weight loss and a diet plan, which is called a Snake Diet. "What the plan teaches, is if you have a goal weight of let's say 120 lbs, you fast until you have surpassed that weight by 5-10 lbs, so at the end of your fasting program you will be at 110-115 lbs. Once you go back to fluids, you will begin to creep back up to 120 lbs. As long as you are weighing yourself daily, you will have full control over your weight because you can adjust your eating routing and fasting routine to compensate. It's impossible to gain back the weight unless you cheat. You should not be eating more than one time a day unless you are ripped. If you eat more than once a day, you won't be able to exercise enough to keep off the weight," Babb writes.

"It all depends on what type of program you transition to maintain the weight loss. I have kept off the 50 that I initially lost and it's been about a year and a half. I am working on getting off those last few pounds as we speak," writes Roxanna Payne.

Jeff Ferguson says one needs to make lifestyle changes to have a successful weight loss. "You need to make life style changes to loose weight permanently. Reduce the amount of unhealthy processed food you eat and replace those with fruits & leafy green salads. Eat a whole foods plant-based diet, along with regular exercise and limit your calorie intake to under 2000/day. That is what I have been doing for the past 25 years and I am 61 and weigh 165 lbs, the same as I did in high school."

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Others say before a dry fasting one should do a liver flush first and clean the gallstones from the body.

Dry Fast Clears My Mind and Gives More Energy

"I just lost seven net pounds on a dry fast. I started with three days of water only and transitioned into a three and half day dry fast. I lost ten pounds and gained three back upon rehydration. Not only that, but my mind is clearer now, I have way more energy than I did before fasting, way less inflammation and way less pain in my low back and pelvis. I will be doing it again very soon for weight loss and for internal healing," writes Crystal Metoyer.

Carla Iturralde Fraser writes that she does extended and intermittent dry fasts. "I use extended for health reasons and intermittent for weight. I noticed averaging about 15 hours a day dry fasting especially starting in the afternoon/evening really helps."

One Day Dry Fast, One Day Rehidration

Nichola Sherlock wrote that she is doing dry fasting cycles. "I am getting into a cycle now of dry fasting for 24 hours, rehydrating for one, and then continuing like that. I have another 120lbs to release. I have just started - day 3. It is going well so far. It's like one day-dry, one hour snake juice, 1 day-dry, 1 hour snake juice etc," she writes.

Alexandra Prokoudine says dry fasting is the best solution for her weight loss. She says the fasting allows her body to go in the fatty storage. "This doesn't occur with a restrictive diet. And you will get the control of hunger back. There is a reconnection happening when one dry fast above all."

What about you? Has fasting worked well for your weight loss?