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These Daily Habits Increase Study Motivation and Discipline Yourself Through Consistency

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Children Motivated To Study Hard

To increase motivation to study use discipline, consistency and put extra work daily. How to do it? This motivational speech, which I think is one of the best motivational quotes I have heard, explains it.


The text of this motivational speech, explaining how to increase motivation to study, is adapted from ProjectElon - Study Motivation's video report titled "The Habit Of Consistency - Study Motivation."

If you go on studying once or twice a week you're probably not going to get ahead. It's like if you only go to the gym once or twice a week. You're not going to get the same results as you would if you did three, four, five times a week.

Exercise doesn't work if you don't do it.

Studying doesn't work if you don't do it. But once you build these disciplined activities into your life - the waking up early, the going to the gym in the morning, the studying as soon as you finish at the gym - once you turn these actions into daily habits that's when your whole life changes.

And it's doing just that little bit extra, putting that extra work in every day that snowballs into much greater things. It's the guy that is willing to hustle the most and get the most opportunities, the University scholarship the internship at a prestigious company, whatever it might be. And if you position yourself to succeed and if you go beyond what is expected of you and if you carry this mindset consistently through the year you'll always be prepared. You will miss fewer opportunities.

Discipline Equals Freedom

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As Jocko Willink says, "discipline equals freedom." Now think about that for a minute. Discipline equals freedom. The more discipline you have to get your head down and study the easier it becomes. The more discipline you have the smarter you become the stronger you become the healthier you become the happier you become because life is constant growth.

I remember someone asked Tony Robbins what it takes to be happy. He answered with one word: growth. Growth equals happiness. Remember the last time you got a high score on an exam. It feels good, right? But how long did it feel good for? An hour? A day? A week? Eventually it will die down. But now imagine you keep getting those high grades. Then you get a scholarship to to go to a world-class university. Then you get an internship in your dream company and these good things just keep happening to you and it keep snowballing and snowballing. That's the life that I want for you. That's the life that you can achieve if you put your mind to it and start creating daily discipline habits that you stick to religiously.

You work out. You train your soul and mind. You train your body and it will become a lifestyle.

These basic fundamental actions being applied over and over again - getting up at a certain time, doing certain things, walking through the discipline, keeping a checklist of what needs to be done that day, health, wealth, love happiness - all these things being catered for throughout the day, those are the things that are going to get you to the top.

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