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Diet Books Don't Work, Here is What People Want

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Diet book and apple for a weight loss

How come so many diet and weight loss books are published, but obesity is still growing in this country?


Diet and weight loss books have become a multi-million dollar industry. Yet it seems that they don't work the way we expect them to work because the majority of people you still see around you are either obese or overweight. What do people want for an effective weight loss?

People Want Uncomplicated Weight Loss Solutions Like Pills

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In an article, published in Vox, diet reporter Julia Belluz writes that people, who are trying to lose weight, are looking for easy and uncomplicated solutions, such as diet pills. She quotes the author of Diet Cults Matt Fitzgerald, who told her, "What people want is a pill, but if you can’t have that, you want a diet that’s a functional equivalent of a pill: simple, tidy, neat, certain."

You see, we are vulnerable to diet books because our approaches to foods can be highly irrational. When we want to lose weight, we look for easy solutions, which don't work.

"Consumers need to be aware of this vulnerability. We need to think a little bit harder about what we're participating in before buying into the diet book industrial complex. We need to think a little more about what's really getting between us and a healthy lifestyle in the long term, instead of seeking out quick and unsustainable fixes. There's probably a lot more going on there than whether we've consumed enough coconut water or too much gluten," Belluz writes.



I would like to lose about 40--to 50LBS any suggestions I am unable to do to many excersizing