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Daughter's Beautiful Tribute To Father's Last Moments With Dementia

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Daughter, whose father is passing from this world, is sharing her wonderful memories of her loving father who has Alzheimer's Dementia. It's heartbreaking what their family is going through, but as long you keep and treasure the special happy memories that you made and shared together with your dad he will live on in your hearts. Life after Alzheimer's is to stay strong and support one another.


This morning I published a story providing comforting words for those who had to put their parents to nursing home. Moments ago I read this beautiful story of a daughter who shared her loving memories of her father with Alzheimer's Dementia, who is passing away. I read the story at Alzheimer's And Dementia Support group on Facebook.

Jennie writes.

I got the call from my mom to get down to my parents home. My dad is in last stage of life. His kidneys have shut down and now it’s a matter of time before he passes.

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My dad was my hero as an adult after I became a single mom after my divorce and my dad become a father figure to my only son. My dad taught my son things that a father teaches his son and he also used to watch with my son his play station games.

My dad used to go out every Friday night to dinner and movies with me and my son. I got use to the three of us doing things together. After my son grew up he left for the military to join the USAF because his grandpa served in the USAF for 20 years.

My son wanted to follow in his grandpa’s footsteps. My dad and I couldn’t be prouder of my son.

The hardest thing to see is my dad in the bed with the tubing in his nose to give him oxygen and his breathing is labored still and chest is sunken in and his arm is like a skeleton. Just a matter of time before he leaves us and goes to the heaven above and become our Angel to watch over us. We love you dad.

This is hard for me but this is one of the last picture of my dad and I know this will be hard to see.