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Daughter Trying To Explain Her Mom About Veganism and Needs Your Help

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People who are vegan sometimes have to face big challenges in their families trying to explain them why veganism is good and why are they vegans. Convincing family members is a difficult task. I read this message from one person in one of the Facebook's Vegan groups asking for help on how to convince her mom that veganism is good.


I have just come home from my mom's house and we have had yet another discussion about me being vegan. She was saying we need milk and that I will be damaging myself for not having dairy etc... I explained my side as I am used to this type of argument.

Anyway, after a long discussion, she asks me why I don't eat honey She thinks if we stop eating honey then we will cause more harm to them because they are farmed and that's what keeps the colonies alive.

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I didn't really have an explanation to this, so I googled "why don't vegans eat honey?" And "what would happen if we all went vegan?" - A BBC article from Good Food came up. I read it out loud to her before reading first as I wanted to have my own reaction to the article too. I didn't know if it would be for or against veganism, but it was so helpful, she actually seemed to listen.

After reading, she said "well if animals cause that much damage to the earth then maybe we should kill them all and live off plants."

I still feel like I am getting there bit by bit, she is listening, which I hope is a good thing, although she did say that one person (me) wouldn't make a difference as I'm the minority. I told her veganism is rising and we will and we are making a difference!.

Editor's note: how do you convince a family member that being a vegan is good for your body, for your health and for the environment. You may also want to read Raising A Vegan Family: Solutions to common vegan parenting social challenges.



I stopped consuming any animal products when I was 10. You just do it. Everyone else doesn't have to understand or agree with your choice. It's your choice, and it's your belief system. Everyone each has their own choices. That's the beauty of life. She can explain why she's choosing, but trying to cram our beliefs down someone's else's throats does nothing but push them away and turn them off to even having an open mind. Be an example. Make your choices, be kind, be open, and live and let live.