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This Cold Shoulder Vest Help People Burn Calories

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Calorie burning Cold Shoulder Vest

As cold therapy becomes increasingly popular for many people's beauty and fitness regimens, NASA scientist and UC Irvine Professor Dr. Wayne B. Hayes has created a "cool" way to burn hundreds (500+) calories a day with the creation of his Cold Shoulder Vest.


His vest is helping thousands of people across the globe burn those extra unwanted calories by utilizing the power of mild cold exposure. Below Nicki Thomas from Veteran PR shares few quick facts about the Cold Shoulder Vest.

1. Created by NASA scientist and UC Irvine Professor Dr. Wayne B. Hayes, the Cold Shoulder Vest is designed to use mild cold exposure to help wearers burn hundreds of calories per day by simply wearing the vest.

2. Offering various versions and styles of the vest, their newest version, the Cold Shoulder PRO, provides consumers with a less expensive, one-size fits all comfort option. Powered by patented CryoMax Gel Ice, a patented, American made, high-tech food grade gel, which allows up to eight hours of cold coverage.

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3. The design utilizes thermogenesis, a proven scientific method of calorie burning fueled by mild cold exposure. The ice from the vest lowers one’s body temperature safely, which in turn signals it to burn more calories in order to stay at its ideal core temperature.

4. When Dr. Hayes launched the his original classic vest in early 2015 he raised over over $280K in 30 days from people in 37 countries.

5. Dr. Oz put it to the test on his show with a viewer and it worked! Cold Shoulder Inventor Dr. Hayes was interviewed on Dr. Oz and other on other various news outlets and publications.

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