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Clean Your Ear Without Cotton Buds: How Not To Do It

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Cotton Buds and Removing Ear Wax

Ear toileting is an important part of human hygiene, but do you know how to remove ear was from your ear or how not to do it with ear buds? Dr. Ademola Orolu, a Consultant Family Physician explains. Cotton swabs in your ear can be dangerous.


The wax in the ear is beneficial. It is not dirt. Sometimes when in excess, the 'hair-like' structures in the ear sweep it out. Many of us now perceive the ear to be dirty and start cleaning it.

What we do in fact when we use cotton bud or other materials in cleaning the ear is to cause more damage. As seen in the video, our efforts to clean the ear cause the wax to impact which may cause feeling of noise in the ear, fullness in the ear, reduced hearing, et cetera.

The ear cleans out itself. Let's leave it alone.

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Reference: Family Doctors Facebook group.

"Your ears need earwax. The wax is used to lubricate the skin of the auditory canal, and to transport dust, dirt, dead skin cells and other material out of the ear," reports heart-it.org, a non-commercial web site has been established to increase public awareness of hearing loss.

Good story to read. Keep Cotton Swabs Out of Your Ears. "The old adage about not putting anything smaller than your elbow into your ear may come to mind when reviewing the findings of this new study, which was presented on April 29 at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting in Chicago. Co-author Ilaaf Darrat, MD, an otolaryngologist at Henry Ford Hospital, reported on ruptured eardrums and the need for surgery," reports Deborah Mitchell from EmaxHealth.com.

In this story, which discusses 10 ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide for health, cleaning your ears is also included. "To soften and loosen earwax, combine an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water, warm to room temperature, and place 2 drops in the affected ear twice a day for up to 5 days. The wax should loosen so it can be removed easily with an ear bulb syringe," writes Deborah Mitchell.

In fact, you shouldn't even use candles for cleaning your earwax. Here are earwax national guidelines from The American Academy of Otolaryngolog that you may want to use.