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Changes People Say Have Noticed Since Following Vegan Diet

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People report a constant weight loss and things like not being so angry when following a vegan diet.


This morning when I was reading vegan stories in my Facebook vegan groups I noticed an interesting discussion where members who follow a vegan diet talked about the changes they had noticed since becoming a vegan. Here are several excerpts from those comments. The discussion is at Vegan Revolution, which is a Facebook group dedicated to vegan diet and lifestyle. Out of respect of privacy of the members they are names are not fully disclosed, but you can follow the conversation on Facebook.

One member, named Steve, says he is no longer so angry after becoming a vegan. "Not so angry. Feel safe for myself and saving few lives too," he says.

Weight Loss

Constant weight is another benefit vegan diet followers notice. Ile writes that her "weight is constant. There is no yo-yo anymore. My skin is tighter and smoother. I feel younger and has more energy, and yes less UTIS."

"I have lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks being vegan," writes Michale. He says he is feeling better every day.

Another person, named Tracy, writes that she dropped 16 lbs without changing much else or adding exercise.

Andrea writes that she went fully vegan a few months ago and is healthily, keeping off the weight. She says she previously lost weight in an unhealthy way because of anxiety. She also writes that her lifelong sinus problems, which have led to so many issues has basically disappeared.

While there are immediate benefits of going vegan, for some the weight loss starts after a certain period. "Less bloating after 3 months, lost weight after 6 months," reports Isabelle in the group. She also adds that her skin is finally clearing up and she has more energy at 9 months. "Overall I feel amazing - I'm more conscious about everything," she adds. In fact, some people do report weight gain by going vegan. Here is what to do when you are a vegan, but gain weight.

Female Benefits and Improving Disease

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Others report women's health benefits. For example, a vegan member, named Bernice writes that her "monthly is not as painful as before. Aches and pains in my knees and ankles have dropped a lot. Head wise a person at the grocery walked behind me with fried Chicken in their cart, I puked from the smell. I didn't know they were behind me, just the scent in the air."

"My IBS has improved a lot," writes Kathryn. But she adds that the best part is her skin. "I had cystic acne and lots of pustules as well as eczema. Most of that is gone. My nails are also super strong," she adds.

Another person mentions the benefit of following a vegan diet for her Crohn's Disease. "I have had moderate to severely active Crohn's Disease for 20 years. With a vegan diet I have had a remission of symptoms and all of my lab work indicates I'm in good health," reports Stacey in the group.

"I use to breakout in Ulcers regularly about 15-20 at a time," writes Hannah. "For months there wasn't a time when I didn't have ulcers.The doctors didn't even know what was causing it yet. About 3 weeks after I went vegan they just went away. No break outs since I went vegan. I use to have a lot of digestion problems and my skin was awful. I broke out in big under the skin/cyst spots a lot. I still break out, but the difference is shocking," she writes.

Better Energy with Vegan Diet

"I haven't been sick, as in colds or flu's in a long time. My energy levels are amazing," writes James.

A member, named Lynn, writes about better energy too. "I have higher energy levels, low cholesterol, lower blood sugar and passion for spreading the word. Overall I feel healthier and also happier that I am not hurting anyone," she writes.

No Headaches After Going Vegan

I Don't get headaches now," reports Victoria. She says she doesn't know if its a vegan thing or no, "but it used to be the norm to have them fairly regularly. I can't remember the last time I had one. I have been vegan a few years." I did a little search and found this 2015 study from the National Headache Foundation, which claims that plant-based diet shows some promise for Migraineurs, listing direct reasons why diet may affect migraines.

What changes have you noticed since you became a Vegan?