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Canadian Woman Shares Weight Loss Results After 21 Day Fasting

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Andrea Vislockaā€ˇ 21 day fasting results

You probably have heard of 21 day fast weight loss. In this story a young woman from Canada shares about her 21 day water fasting results and weight loss experience. Here is Andrea Vislocka in her own words.


My 21 day water fasting experience

I am happy to share my results with you. After 21 days of water fasting, I lost 10kg (22 lbs), got rid of mucoid plaque (naturally, no pills, detox tea or enemas). I feel incredibly healthy and strong, my skin is better, eyes brighter, teeth whiter, hair silky...I kept measuring my muscles on a special scale, I haven't lost much muscles which is great! Next challenge: proper refeeding. I hope you find my story inspirational.

I always knew that water fasting is a wonderful gift I can give to myself. I have tried many short fasts (2-7 days), but I was never strong enough to make it longer. However it was always my desire. I knew it will be easier if I prepare myself for the extended water fast. So I did my preparation.

For one week I only ate fresh organic raw diet. Fresh fruits for breakfast (mangoes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries etc), I ate nuts or seeds for my snack (walnuts, almonds, cashew, pecan nuts, sunflower seeds etc.),

My lunch was always rich, big and green (arugula, baby spinach, avocado, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, pepper bells, cucumber, extra virgin olive or avocado oil, seeds...)
Dinner was usually very similar to my lunch.

Then I decided to eat monodiet, in my case it was watermelon. I planned to eat watermelon for one weeek, but after 3 days I had enough and decided to start a real water fast.

I didn't have a goal, I didn't plan to fast for 21 days. I would be happy with any number of days water fasting. As I studied a lot, I knew that I can finish when my tongue turns pink again and when I start feel a real hunger (in my throat, not in my stomach).

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So I started.on June 1, 2016.

Day 1 was OK, I still had lots of energy. In the evening I started to feel weak and I also had a bad headache. I am sure the headache was not from dehydrataiton, I had 4 liters of water that day.

Day 2 was the worst. I felt miserable. I was very pale. Sick. The headache was too bad and I was too weak. I couldn't get up from my bed. I was so weak and cold, I could even put a blanket over me. I just didn't have enough strength to reach for that blanket, even if it was one meter from me on the same bed, by me feet. I had to go to work, but I was to weak to walk to the bus station and way too weak to drive a car. So I had to call a friend to come pick me up and drive me to work. At 11am I went to the bathroom and pooped out a mucoid plaque. It was pretty long, 60cm or so. At the moment I got rid of it, suddenly I felt so energetic, my skin turned pink, I looked fresh and healthy, the headache disappeared, the nausea and dizziness disappeared as well. I couldn't believe how everything changed in a minute. So yes, it was my worst and also the best day of my water fast.

After that day everything went easily. I had no problems, no headaches.

On day 4 I found a pimple on my chin, that's unusual, I don't have pimples. I think it was a detox.

My tongue turned white, the coat was pretty bad and my friend told me that my breath was horrible. I didn't smell it though. I brushed my teeth 4 times a day, I was using a mouthwash and a dental floss, and also I bought a special tool for my tongue to get rid of the coat. It worked for maybe an hour. Then the white coat and bad breath were back.

I felt hungry most of the time. It was pretty tough, because I have to cook for 15 month old twins every day. The smell of the food was a big temptation. But I never touched the food. I am so proud of myself, when I look back.

Now I am preparing for proper re-feeding. I made a plan according to youtube video I watched. I also have a plan for the phase after refeeding.

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Your story is definitely an Inspiration. Thank You
Can you provide us with an update? Have you kept the weight off?
I asked her on Facebook, but haven't heard from her any updates on her further weight loss and diet.
interesting I think I'll start right away with my fasting.
I am on my 4th Water Fast Today! going for 16 days straight :)